For BLMOON...need your help please!

  • Dear BLmoon...

    Several months ago I sought your helpful insight on a matter. Things have progressed to a point of communication with me and a virgo friend, who is supposedly going through a divorce. I have deliberately kept things at a distance and we have just been hadling work matters and recently a health concern of his.

    This more frequent communication started two weeks ago...for me to get a phoen call from the estranged wife this weekend...asking about our relationship. I would like to understand what role he played if any in that phone call and exactly what my approach shoudl be in relating to him going forward. I dont want to do my usual "virgo cut-off" all I abhor drama especially where I have sought to ensure my motives are clear - despite the fact that there is an attraction between us.

    Can you advise what you are sensing on this situation and what I shoud do? My bday is 30.08.70 and his is 15.09.70.

    Thanks much. I hope you will find it possible to give me a response.

    Cheers Blmoon.

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