Why do cancer man ignore you?

  • To all the aqua women out there, firstly when we cancer men were in love with you,you just avoided us. when we waited for your message you simply ignored us. how does it make sense that you are interested??? and if you aqua women want to really leave someone please leave. don't play double game in the name of friendship. it's just bcuz u might have hurt him in the past and he just thought it's enough to get Hurted. b straight don't give mixed signals. else cancer men know how we can love you but you are not worth it. he loves you in his heart but will not express until you make your first move cuz u Hurted him knowingly or unknowingly. if he still ignores you it's just bcuz u have Hurted him. you can still make an effort to let him know that you are always available that you love him and plz Don't be fake. and plz don't call your lover brother or friend.

    dear aqua women when you can't let someone go from your heart it's only love for a person that's stopping you but you dumb heads call it fship blah blah. know you self first.

  • Maybe he wanted more than friendship?

    Since he didnt get it he just couldnt bear being around you anymore, that could be a possibility...

    Also my Cancer horoscope(this http://www.astrosofa.com/horoscopes/daily-horoscope/2016/September/1/Cancer) says ;" Be careful when faced with choices, to ask yourself how serious this person's interest is in you"

    Did you ask anything like that from him? Maybe that chased him away...

  • I know this is an old thread, but I certainly can relate to the same experience with a cancer man and have no intentions of pursuing it. Best of luck to you

  • Well i'm an aries woman and i've had a very bad experience with my cancer boyfriend.i did everything that i could for him andis ignoring me like i'm dead.God help him ,he is a mental case i think now.i put all of my trust in a wrong person.he even cheated on me.

  • A Cancer guy may want some space therefore so that he clear his head and get his thoughts straight. By ignoring you, your crabby star sign of a boyfriend is actually giving himself a time out with the intention of being a better boyfriend when he reconnects with you.

  • I dated a cancer, and he was exactly like you described. A very distant and cold person when it came to texting. But when ever e would meetup he was the complete opposite. Also, very direct and speaking his mind.

  • @AquaPisce it happened same to me like i used to be close with a cancer guy and he always talk about marriage with me but after somedays he started ignoring my messages without no reason and i don't like distant things so we had to end

  • Hi. This is an eternal problem!

  • Crayfish men are very mysterious and keep everything to themselves.
    His answer can be unpredictable.

  • follow your heart and try to understands him

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