Marriage question

  • My bday is 2-25-1983. His is 6-16-1984. We have been together for 16 years and married 7. We've had issues the whole time. We are in a weird cold place right now. I'm unhappy. We have one child who we both loves so much and want the best life for. I don't want him to have a broken home like I did. I have almost no sense of my own family. My husband's family is like mine. We are just like 2 strangers coexisting but that all I can do right now. I have no support or place to go to even contemplate the relationship. He just seems so indifferent. Things are changing. Any advice or insight? Will there be a change or will this continue. We have grown so different. Like opposites. Not in the good way. Not to mention I hardly trust his word. I don't know if he is hiding things. I fell in love with him for him but I wonder if he ever truly loved me for me. Because I'm not a spring chicken anymore. We are both still young but he is all I have known. Only man I've ever been with even dated really. I'm just stuck and more stuck.

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