Could Someone Do A Reading, Please?

  • I am one course away from graduating college. However, there are a couple of things that concern me. One is that a man I kind of know keeps threatening to have me thrown out of the college. Another is that several of my professors told this man that I have a low IQ, said another student tried to have me thrown out of the class and said that my writing was awful and clearly showed that I had low intelligence. First, will I be thrown out of the school? Graduating means a lot to me. Second, are the professors right or are they being mean? I've suspected for awhile that I may have some kind of medical condition. I was considered bright in high school, but clearly, I'm not that way now.

  • Why not get some independent assessment (outside of the college perhaps) of your IQ? And until you find yourself actually thrown out of college (and I can't see that happening) why worry about 'what might be'?

  • I think that's good advice, Captain. I've never been sure exactly what the issue is. I'm thinking it could be anything but it's probably depression or ADD. I've taken some online IQ tests and my score has always indicated that I have above average intelligence. It would be good to have an official assessment, though. I used to do well in school, but lately, I haven't been. I think this guy just has a chip on his shoulder because he either never went to college or started, but never finished. Thanks for your advice.

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