Could use a reading during this difficult time.

  • I would appreciate a reading. Advice is welcome also, but love a reading as well. Right now my life is a mess! My momsister had another falling out wmy fiance yet again. Every time it's bad with yelling and exchanging of hurtful comments. Each party feels they were wrongeddisrespected and that an apology is owed to them. My fiance and I just bought camper from my mom. At campground we all belong to. Also i had overactive bladder now 4awhile. It's got so bad that the latest treatment IV been getting hasn't helped. I spend every min of my day feeling like "I gotta go"! It's distracting me from being able to function like a normal human! I have to wait 12 weeks b4 next botox treatment. I'm also waiting 4 background check 2come back at my new job so I can start working. But they saying could take up to 30 days! But we need me working more hours now! I would like an idea of how each of these situations will play themselves out. My life is in turmoil with nothing being OK. My family getting along with my future husband is so important. And I was so excited for a fun summer at campground with all of us

  • I did a tarot reading for you. The cards are showing that there is dysfunction w/your relationship. Has this been an on-again, off-again relationship before. I feel like there has been something happen in the past that comes back to haunt your relationship. Feels like some sort of addiction w/your other half. The question is whether or not this job will pull thru==8 of wands in outcome position. The environment looks favorable for this. Is your other half able to contribute. I drew the knight of pentacle reversed in advice position. Usually when I pull this card upright it indicates finances with someone are not the best. I feel like your family has helped you. I feel as though in time things will play out. Although the environment is favorable, I feel as though there is a "history" blocking things. I feel as though the story will play out and things are hanging in the balance. Battle w/words is showing and finances are not favorable. Stability through what is grounded and what you know to be sure.



    crowning--10 of swords

    foundation--5 of cups

    situation--7 of coins

    past--3 of cups rev

    challenges--4 of swords rev

    future--high priestess

    blocks--9 of cups rev

    environment/friends--king of wands

    advice--knight of pents rev

    outcome--8 of wands

  • Thank you so much for the reading. My r.ship wmy fiance has been steady for past 5yrs. But conflict with him and my momsister has been on and off. She again says she is fed up with him. And not coming to wedding. We just bought her camper and have a site across the street from my mom at campground. So I don't how summer is gonna go. No my fiance doesn't have any addiction problems,never has. He is local truck driver who works long days and works hard. I'm just part-time right now so I'm not bringing in enough money. This new job I'm already hired but can't work til background check comes back. But if it takes 30 days that's too long! It's so important for my family to get along with my fiance but things remain peaceful for only so long.

  • Vettech, There is some dysfunction your relationship is bound by.

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