Can someone help me read my spread?

  • Hi all,

    I am new to this board. I have been spending time working on my psyche and working through blockages. It's been very rewarding and honestly... much better than I thought it would be.

    I decided to go to my tarot cards. I'm quite new to this and have been using the Rider-Waite deck. I came to my cards to inquire about a possible reconciliation after a sudden break up (the catalyst for my inward work - feeling quite grateful for this ). The deck feels very strong but after days reflecting on it, I am still confused. Could anyone help?

    I used the bridge spread - (1) Situation - (2) Challenge - (3) Advice - (4) Likely Outcome. I asked 2 clarifying questions on the last card (mainly because I didn't like it, after seeing all the strongly positive cards in the spread). The first question was about "how to improve the situation" and "is this person worth investing my energy and resources?"

    The spread reads:

    1. The Magician (Situation)

    2. Reverse six of wands (Challenge)

    3. Strength VIII (Advice)

    4. Reversed Knight of Swords (likely Outcome)

    2 Clarifying cards:

    1. Sun XIX ("how to improve the situation?")

    2. Reverse five of cups ("is this person worth investing my energy and resources?")

  • Fvalm, I think the spread is encouraging in regards to going your own path especially with the Sun and reversed 5 of cups (no more lonliness.) Would you like me to do a reading for you and if so what question.

  • Thank you so much for your help interpreting the reading, Daliolite. It is encouraging to read your interpretation, especially after the reversed knight of swords scared me/saddened me.

    I am stuck on a question, which I wish I could just let go (and feel like I am close to being able to let go). It is still related to my personal reading about a possible reconciliation with a recent partner following our break up. If possible, I would appreciate a reading on the following question:

    "What role do I play in the life of my most recent partner"

    Thank you.

  • Ok, will do.

  • I drew the Chariot as the outcome card. Outcome is usually the question that you want resolved. Will he move forward. I see you as a truthseeker and had high hopes, dreams regarding this relationship--Page of swords rev past position paired w/the Star rev. I drew a lot of reversed cards. Normally, don't really like to interpret this as I see it as a reversal from the original. What I see is that the road is blocked. Also, some problem w/money, finances or property. Does this person live close by you. I feel like he's staying where he's at. When I read the cards you drew, it felt like he is older than you. Burden is being expressed, a blocked path (could be career), responsibilities. Does he have children. What I'm picking-up is a blocked path especially with the page of wands rev in the block position. I feel on some level he felt he had to do this to get back on his feet and re-gain footing--if you can relate. I feel like he's been pulled in several directions. I think there was some discussion between the two of you that changed his mind or felt it was time to leave. I don't feel like you were aware and did surprise you a bit--7 of swords in challenges rev. The moon in the foundation of this reading is telling me that the direction and path of this relationship was never on solid footing. You've probably wondered where the relationship was headed. There is a secretive side to him. This whole reading isn't exact or clear. I feel he took-off. A clear and undisputable problem in path coupled with burdens. Hope this helps.

  • ps--Cards--

    past--page of swords rev

    situation--star rev

    present--5 of coins

    crowning--9 of wands rev

    foundation--moon rev

    challenges--7 of swords rev

    future--ace of coins

    blocks--page of wands rev

    environment--6 of coins rev

    advice--10 of wands rev


  • Thank you Daliolite. He lives nearby and he does have financial issues (tied as well to his current living situation). He's 2 years younger and recently quit his job and started going to grad school. He has no children. We broke up a few days after our first big fight (10 months together) that was caused due to communication problems (although no malicious intent, he dies not express his feelings, lets problems become bigger as he ignores them, then drops things that bother him). He broke up with me (all his romantic feelings washed away) and then left for South America for 1 month with school. It's been close to 3 weeks of no contact. I feel glad about the break up but unnecessarily wonder what I mean/meant to him.

  • The career portion is really emphasized here and finances. I was trying to interpret the 6 of coins reversed in environment, friends position as to the family or kids. Financial obligations are a big part of this reading, therefore, your relationship as well. I think most of what's going on is career and improving his status financially. There are so many ways to interpret this reading. Another way (with ace of coins in future position) is that he needs a helping hand financially.

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