How do u trust again......

  • Hi names will, ill get straight into it when u lose ur trust for any reason wat do u do to get it back? When or if u do give it back dont u think subcontiencly u think they'll do it again? or is it just being parinoid? if u have anyu insight or thought about htis ge tbackat ame let me know.....

  • once bitten twice shy dont bother to analyze the situation too much move on

  • trust is a hard thing to regain once it's violated. forgivness doesn't come easy. If it's a habitual thing, get away from that person. That is a form of abuse for both of you. If it was a one time thing, try hard to forgive and forget and make a fresh start.

  • Agree w/wickedw. Wish you best regards.

  • Hello, confused ! I have always felt that if someone betrays your trust, it is then their responsibility to EARN it back. No need to waste time being paranoid, wondering if they will hurt you again. If they don't care enough about you to put forth the effort, move on.....NEXT !!!! You can find someone descent who would never betray you in the first place.

  • If you know you will and can never forgive and forget this occurrence, then you do need to move on, because this offense will always be in the way of the two of you connecting.

    On the other hand, if you choose to continue the need to discuss the situation thoroughly with this person, and if you do choose to forgive, you now have no right to ever bring up the topic again, whether your fighting or ANY reason, you must forget in order to move forward positively.

    Now once you discuss this issue with the other person and you both choose to work at this issue, this person too has a responsibily to prove to you that they truly want to be you. Now the two of you need to discuss--the terms YOU set out for this individual to follow, in order for you to feel you can start to rebuild trust towards this person again.

    Remembering that YOU did not go doing the wrong here--the other person must make omense, and by following your condiitons...this agreement will be giving them the second chance, that they too would appreciate from you.

    If you can get through this incident, believe me, you could have a very strong relationship afterall is done, for this will be a great learning experience for the both of you. But the love must be stronger than the betrayal. Things happen everyday...we all have weak points about ourselves, although I'm not making excuses for their behavior, ever relationship will have to endure constant tests throughout it's existance. This will prove if your love/partnership is capable of enduring this test. Will it come out ok---that's up to the ones involved to determine.

    Good Luck .

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