May I have a reading please

  • Hi everyone, been a few years since I have been on this forum

  • Hi jenxxx,

    Here you go,

    Trying to juggle a few things at once, need concentration or things will fall through the cracks

    Look at the little things for hints, someone is hiding something

    There is hope, work towards it

    It will get better, keep working on it

    Don't rely on things like you have always done...a change or something new

    A big change is coming, conflict...but when you get through it, you will be able to see something new

    Something good, it was a nice smile, like a contentment feeling

    Your worried that you are feeling constricted, and it is causing indecision

    There will be some money gain but it doesn't last

    Things will work out

    But keep in mind your actions, don't do anything out of sprite, or thoughtless, that will wind up only biting you

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick for your kind reading.

  • Thank you Nick for your kind reading.

  • Can you tell me about the first part of reading regarding someone's hiding something? Is this family or regarding love interest?

  • It is something you are going through now, you know it in what I call the back of your head or that little voice, trust it.

    I don't pick up on names just feelings, but I got the feeling you would know, as long as you don't just brush it aside.


  • Thank you Nick, I think I know what your talking about ? Regarding a situation am still waiting to resolve were this person hasn't been fully truthful with me but am going to wait for them to come to me and tell me himself....

  • Can you tell where the big changes will be, an conflict is this in work life or personal?

    And will I be ok financially? Am really down at the moment due to not liking one of my jobs an finances am feeling lonely too

  • Sorry about all the replies Nick

  • It's only showing half of my replies I don't know what's wrong

  • Thank you for your guidance it's much appreciated

  • When I do a reading usally the bigger things that are troubling come up to help you see what might be coming. Seeing it in print and thinking about will give you more time to react. I can only tell what I think it is at a high level, the details are for you, which I hope helps you make the best decision for you. I'm on the tablet and can't switch back to your other questions, and my brain has failed me, I think I got the jist of your question, if you have more...let me know

  • Thank you Nick for your time. Much appreciated

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