I'm planing to change my field of study...

  • what should be my career?? in which field I'd be successful??

    my sun's in the 8th house...

    30/08/1988 16.30 Turkey (Izmir)

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  • anyone to make a comment?? 😄

  • somebody help me please. =(

  • SPICA, I would like to try my hand at suggestions for you, though based on the science of Numerology...a field I used to love to work with daily, though time and circumstance over the years found me not continuing with my studies and I am just now slowly getting back into it as I get little bits of time here and there.

    Perhaps you can take some of these ideas (if they fit) and compare or contrast them to the ideas you will receive from those who are strong in Astrology.

    These ideas will be generalities rather than saying "You should become a _________"

    As you read through the list, should you feel a strong pull to anything in particular, I believe that is the idea of field to then investigate further, within the educational/professional fields that you would have available to you in your home country.

    Your birthday number indicates what natural talents, abilities and character traits you were born with that can then guide you in career matters.

    Your birthday numbers show you have a Life Path 6.

    Life Path 6 people have the following traits :

    ...humanitarians - service oriented for mankind in general

    ...strong sense of right and wrong

    ...strong belief in truth and justice

    ...generous, kind, sympathetic, nurturing, appreciative,

    ...responsible, empathetic, compassionate, domestic

    ...home and family oriented

    Life Path 6 Career Choices And Opportunities Most Suited are any that serve humanity and makes life more comfortable for others.

    Consider opportunities in the fields of :

    ...medicine (doctor, nurse, therapist, caregiver)

    ...education (teacher, counselor, tutor)

    ...social services (community liason, counseling)

    ...nature, animals

    ...industrial or commercial fields where comfort and beauty are combined - this could then include designing interior spaces, gardens, transportation vehicles, architectural design)

    Life Path 6 people must guard against the following situations :

    ...letting others take advantage of your generosity and giving nature

    ...taking on other people’s problems as their own

    ...becoming dominate or overly critical if others do not follow your advice

    ...becoming stubborn, unreasonable or unhappy because you sacrifice your own need to exhibit peace, harmony and beautiful surroundings for service work that does not let you share these talents with others

  • thank you'' 😄 yes, it's really me.

  • sorry, maybe a little off subject?

    Can somebody help interpret this dream?

    It was about a boy that I like. (crush, like) and he had asked me to be with him. I said yes and introduced him to my parents. Later on in the dream he looked like one of my other guy friends at school that I absolutely don't have a "crush" on. He changed back to looking like he was before, but he wouldn't do anything for me. I didn't like our relationship.

  • 😄 I think some other guy may distract you.

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