Help!!! Cold Fish Alert Aquarius ready to throw in the towel

  • Please help !! Aquarius female dating Pisces male for three years on and off. At the present we are OFF. I am ready to throw in the towel if he haven't, Already this go around. I am so drained from dealing with my guy. I love him, and my guy is sweet, compassionate, loving and kind. But, Sometimes he can jump right out the box with such Anger, Rudeness, Coldness, and Silent treatment. I wonder is this the same man I meant three years ago. It is just unreal at times. I am just at my wits end I approached my guy about a situation. I guess you can say I called him out!! Something Pisces disregards with a Passion. Confronting them???? (Us) Aquarius don't care for Secrets or Lies. but I will respect your privacy. Now, If we talked about the situation, and you say it isn't so. Just for me to find out you were lying. Why? are you walking around giving me the Cold Fish treatment, and faulting me for the lie you got caught in. Now, this madness will go on for days for him, mad at me for catching him in his lie,( Here we go again) and he expects for me to call him, and smooth things out as if I was the one who created the confusion. I just don't get it, and I am tire of trying too.( Me)- Rising Gemini Sun-Aqua Moon- Pisces Mercury-Agua Venus-Aqua Mars-Sag Jupiter-Capr Saturn- Gemini Uranus- Libra Neptune- Sagittarius Pluto- Libra Lilith- Sag Asc Node Cap ( His) Rising Gemni Sun - Pisces Moon- Taurus Mercury- Aquarius Venus-Capricorn Mars -Leo Jupiter- Pisces Saturn-Aquarius Uranus-Virgo Nepune-Scorpio Pluto- Virgo Lilith- Libra Asc node Cancer

  • Basically, you are doing most of the giving while he is doing most of the taking. He takes your love and tolerance for granted. Only an equal give-take relationships will work. You have tried talking to him without result - it's time to walk away while you still have some self-esteem left.

  • For a fuller astrological profile, I would need both dates of birth.

  • Hello, TheCaptain thank you for responding back to me my birthdate is 2/6/73 and his birthdate is 2/28/63.

  • This will be a difficult relationship to make into a long-term commitment, such as marriage. It works best as a relaxed affair or friendship where you both can let it all hang out, the good and the bad. Moderate rather than extreme behavior will be more common here, since the two of you are pretty natural with each other, although you have seen your partner's dark side. Your partner has a greater need for solitude than you have, and may sometimes resent the relationship's tendency to be gregarious. He is also moody and changeable by nature and this, combined with your tendency towards remoteness or unreliability, can create instability within the relationship. Though you may try to be as honest as you can with each other, you will inevitably keep a lot of your feelings to yourselves, even when you are being quite upfront about your actions. There can be a problem with unfaithfulness here on one or both sides, even though the two of you may do your best to be loyal. Emotionally complex, even volcanic, energies run deep and dark here. Conscious awareness is not at a premium so that even though the relationship may be predominantly relaxed, there will be some frustration, with desires being aroused but not satisfied. Marriage here is not recommended unless such problems of loyalty and sexuality can be worked out. Friendship works better because there is less responsibility and you can both give yourselves to the pursuit of entertainment and pleasure. Sharing troubles, working out problems, being helpful in times of crisis, and turning to each other in general times of need is not a strong point of this relationship, but necessary if you want any kind of a long-term commitment.

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