Help with Gemini man

  • I'm an Aquarius sun and Aries moon, he's a Gemini sun and Taurus moon. I've realized that if we keep our independence and I'm very physically and verbally affectionate to him he'll stick around, but over the last two weeks we've broken up over constant fighting that seemed to come from nowhere. I know our moon signs require a lot of work to be compatible and one of us is always going to have to give way to the other (which I'm completely fine doing), I just want to get back to what we had. He loved me enough to ask me to marry him in front of a huge crowd so I know he doesn't just want to walk away, but he's stubborn.

    I asked him to reconsider the breakup and am letting him sort out what he wants to do, but I'm going crazy in my head, it's been 4 days since the breakup. Yesterday he sent me a meme in a text, it was just a silly note about how "smooth" he is, we joked back and forth and then he disappeared. He hasn't mentioned the note at all.

    My question is, was that his way of trying to get me to interact with him or do I just stay silent like I have been and give him time to think? Should I send him playful texts that have nothing to do with relationships and see if that sparks his interest again or was his text to me just a way to show he wants to remain friends? I can't ask him these questions as he shuts down and runs away. HELP!!!

  • What are the two dates of birth?

  • I'm February 6, 1984 and he's June 11, 1988

  • Also, I should add that he's sent me messages on facebook throughout the entire day today. Most were just funny videos, but one was very obviously him trying to say he loves me (A stick figure peaking from behind a wall with hearts above his head) .

  • This relationship tends to bring out the extroverted qualities of its partners - you two like to socialize and have fun together, but these gratifying activities may not bring you far in advancing your individual or mutual cause. If you are low in worldly ambition, you might continue in an unabated pursuit of pleasure for months or even years. This can lead to a somewhat vacuous dead end, in which spiritual, emotional and self-realizing values are severely lacking or absent. The relationship has many deficiencies, of which you would be wise to see the truth, no matter how painful, rather than just "giving way" to your partner's needs for an uncommitted light-and-breezy relationship..During times of need and stress, these deficiencies will become glaringly obvious, and its lack of moral reserves to fall back on will prove detrimental in a love or marital setting. Learning that pain and struggle are essential to psychological growth is a hard lesson, but an essential one for the two of you to learn. Things cannot be always kept superficial or light-hearted if you both want the relationship to deepen. It may be inevitable that your shared tendency to drift and dream be startled by periodic jolts, shaking you into the awareness that your relationship cannot go on as it is. While this relationship can appear successful and self-protective on the surface, it is actually very inhibiting. Its most telling faults are an inability to face the truth/reality and a mutual will towards self-deception. But all pleasure eventually comes to an end and real substance is needed for a relationship to survive. Unless this solid foundation can be built, more honesty from each partner on what they truly want expressed, and more lasting values sought, I don't see the relationship enduring, sorry.

  • Thank you for your help. I agree, this relationship isn't going anywhere. I'm honest about what I want and need and all I get from his is, "I don't know." I won't live with that. Thanks again.

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