Insight requested for the current rough patch

  • This is to request any psychic or clairvoyant to help me understand the current changes in my life. I have developed Urticaria which is an annoying ailment . I am also keeping up with the challenges brought about by my father's surgery. And trying to develop new ways of approaching situations and people. It is a confusing and depressing period. Any insight into my lessons in this situation (s) is appreciated.


  • Well, healer Louise Hay says that the metaphysical cause of Hives is "small hidden fears, making mountains out of molehills." Affirmation - "I bring peace to every corner of my life."

    Is it possible that the stress of your father's surgery has caused you to think like a victim, "Why me?" and to see things in your life as more difficult to overcome than they really are? Or that you have more problems on your hands than most people? I always watch the news to give my life perspective. When I see the appalling suffering of others, it always makes me feel grateful that I have an easier time of it. Try stepping back from your situation and giving it an objective assessment, without emotion, as if you were just assessing someone else's life. What advice would you give 'this person'?

  • Dear Captain

    Thank you so much for responding.

    I guess the advice I would give this person is to hang in there and let the body release its fears and toxins. And to believe that through all these changes one is supported:)

    Btw, I almost missed your response. What has happened to this site? The sheer amount of spam is flabbergasting.

    And Captain, Belated Happy Birthday!

    Sending you lots of love and best wishes. Hope the year ahead brings you lots of gifts... of all kinds!

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