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  • I would like a reading on a situation. My neighbor has been told some very negative things about me by a man I had a dispute with. It has resulted in several issues, as you can imagine. I thought that the problem was over. Apparently, it isn't. I feel like I will never get away from this man's influence. How can I get this man to stop telling people things I'd rather keep private? If I can't get it to stop, what is the best way to cope?

  • You may have to threaten this man with legal repercussions (slander) if he continues to bad-mouth you. But first, make sure you tell him straight that it has come back to you that he is doing this and that you want him to stop. This needs a direct confrontation and decisive action.

  • Thanks Captain! I'll try that.

  • Mh83. You must know this man and he is going out of his way to cause issues. Do you think he can take you seriously (considering cost and trouble in a legal action) to stop?

    Seems like your neighbor did not believe him and chos Fto alert you instead. Is it possible to just ignore him.

  • znl-

    I've tried very hard to ignore him, but it is difficult. Some of the things said are pretty bad. I've been ignoring the situation for awhile, but it has only gotten worse. I'd like to try mediation, but I don't think it will work.

  • Mh83, I am so sorry for all this. And, so I think your idea of mediation (by someone or place you trust) is what you should do. also, captains suggestion if possible is another option. Ok, take the high road no matter what. Xx

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  • I need some help too. Ive been dating a virgo male for 4.5 months. I am head over heels in love with him, and im pretty sure he is too. He tells me he loves me, but as far as conversation about us , our future ect. It doesnt happen. I believe he has a hard time talking about his feelings so im being patient as he was single 7 yrs and i dont wanna put pressure on him at all. Help

  • Hookedoceanic, this is mh83's thread. Please start your own if you want an answer.

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