Hmmmm thoughts?

  • What is in a name? is it a verbal sound, a thought? a mental projection when we think of others?

    or just a communication....hhhhmmmmm

  • Hi Nick, I would think all of the above but depending on the relationship to the person or the thing w the name. Even the circumstances of you hearing, seeing, thinking or wanting to figure out the person behind the name. To name a child is already projecting your own thoughts and ideas about a name.

  • what are you smoking and where can I get some? LOL

  • just my way of sharing information in a non straight forward way. I had learned that I didn't need information of a real name to connect to the people who ask for readings. Like if I did a reading for you your thread name is watergirl18 and I wouldn't need your real name to connect. I chose tarotnick because I'm not bright and creative.... so I just use my first name....hahahaha

    besides isn't it cool to think deep thoughts? I have all these questions in my head but I am too grounded or too reliant on tools to get me where a part of me goes to connect naturally... when I do readings it's the natural side. The engineer part of me wants to know how can I connect...the other part of trust just knows it happens so i accept it. So if myths and legends have a bit of truth...can proper names have a type of magic? if you can call it that...society rules....and if I only do for the good how can that be bad?

    So the grounded side of me says I'm nuts....but I trust so I let out the other side...and what better forum than to share with others...the ramblings of a mad man...with a good heart....

  • smoke back to the top

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