Ever had this happen?

  • I typically spend time shuffling my tarot or oracle cards and flip them over one by one to gain perspective on what is happening in my life. I shuffled two different times and all of them came up upside down. Typically some of them will land that way, but I have never had them all come up like that. The second time, I flipped through the entire deck, and every single card was upside down. Any ideas or interpretations?

  • MissyMill, Perhaps change is occurring. Change from what you thought or expected. This has never happened to me. I did a reading for someone once and every card was a cup card. Helped me to understand that this person is driven by emotions. What cards did you draw. That might help somewhat.

  • Hi Daliolite! I am so glad you responded. I do not remember which cards specifically. I just started flipping them over and noticed that they were all upside down. I flipped through the whole deck and everyone was that way. I thought maybe it was the way I held them when I shuffled them, so when I reshuffled, I was careful how I held them. This was a deck of fairy oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, so I do not typically read them upside down. I just thought it was another sign of the spiritual energy moving through my life right now. I am very open to experiencing it now. I had a reading recently and was told that I am experiencing an awakening into a new level of enlightenment. I believe this, as I am finding meaning in things and knowing things that I have not before.

    I am also glad you responded as I had something incredible happen when I was at the farm this weekend. My BF was laying down relaxing, and I was sitting next to him talking to him. It looked like he was going intto a REM sleep, but he was lucidly talking to me the whole time. His eyes were closed and his eyes were moving beneath his eyelids. But he kept insisting that he was awake and was talking to me. He asked me something like "how is your other half of the family?" I asked what he meant and he said about my Mom and everyone. I said they were good and he said something about my Dad and catching a shark. I again asked what he meant. He said my Dad told him to tell me that. Again, I asked what he meant. He repeated clearly, that my Dad told him to tell me that. Then he rolled over and opened his eyes and was wide awake like it had never happened. I asked if he knew what just happened, and he did not. I told him, and he was a little freaked out. I think he was in touch with my father's spirit and my Dad was trying to get a message to me. I do not believe he was simply talking in his sleep as he usually sleeps deeply and does not talk even when hes dreaming,

    What do you think? Can you tell me anything about that?

    Blessings and positive energies to you!

  • Hi MissyMill, I'd try to find out if your dad (or anyone else) caught a shark. I do believe spirit is able to communicate thru dreams. A lot of symbolism in the dream if it is a message for you. What do you do if you catch a shark. Well, if you don't have a huge salt water aquarium at home you'd prob release it. That's if you have a group of people to help. If you don't, you leave it there out of water. I don't know if sharks hang-out in pods or groups. That's another thing to think about. I think they're considered scavengers, they strike unexpectedly. Catching a shark is unexpected, your BF dreaming of your dad is too. These are just some thoughts. It's up to you as to the meaning you get. I know that I'd want to pay attention if it related to my dad just for that sake if nothing else.

  • Thank you for your response. I have been reading about the symbolism of sharks in dreams, however, I do not think it was a dream, He was talking to me the whole time. He was in a trance like state, and was speaking to me clearly as if he were awake. I agree that I should pay attention as it was related to my Dad. I cannot seem to decipher the connection of the shark to my Dad, or to myself. I I appreciate such a quick response. I am open to more feedback if you should have any.

    Blessings to you!

  • I welcome input from others on this as well.

    Blessings to all who travel here!

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