{Virgo} and how u know then.

  • Hi my name is Pamela j and i am a Virgo and i am a good person and i am true to me if u know a true Virgo.

    {I say what i mine,and mine what i say}.

    {Virgo}. August 24~September 23.

    These are the methodical, analytical Lovers of detail.

    Their exacting minds demand order and harmony; their skillful hands work meticulously and with dexterity. They are practical heard~working and conception, cool, discriminating and critical, particularly of themselves.

    They are acutely aware of their own flaws and imperfections and better off treated empathetically and uncritically by others.

    Possessing accurate memories and outstanding reasoning ability,these inquisitive intellectuals make exciting conversationalists as will serious students. They are persuasive, have strong opinions and are perfectionists in Iiterary expression, scientific investigation, and mathematical computation. These qualities make it very difficult for them to relax comfortably into satisfying inter~personal relationships and social interactions. These general ability and interest in searching out and applying obscure bits and pieces of knowledge (much akin to puzzle solving of the jigsaw variety) contributes to their excellence as lawyers, editors and writers of biography and history.

    The Virgo personality is gentle, understanding, patient, considerate and aware of others" needs. He ur she enjoys serving people much more than served or accepting favors from others. He ur She Finds it uncomfortable and embarrassing to be indebted. He ur She places themselves in subservient role"s willingly, often in the employ of the aristocratic, distinguished or wealthy.

    Not at all foud of emotional display the Virgo Lover is reserved and undemonstrative. He ur She is extremely quiet and modest, at times appearing almost inhibited and detatched. He ur She keeps a padlock on his ur hers affections in an attempt to avoid dependency on anyone. He ur She will never be swept off his ur her feet by another.

    He ur She {LUV} will grow very slowly but its roots will be deep and strong.

    By Pamela j on 6~21~2010.

  • Thats one of the nicest descriptions of a virgo that Ive read!!!! We get criticized for being picky etc.

    I would say the above is very much Me! I sometimes tell myself to do something just for the sake of doing it, but I hate being associated with anything unless its done right!

    Thanks for posting this.

    kind regards


  • Hey Pamela I was dating a Virgo and he suddenly stopped talking to me. It's been four months. From a Virgo point what is it that makes Virgos withdraw and shut down? Am at the point of moving on as I have tried and don't seem to crack the nut!! Thank you>

  • Virgos like quiet and do not like drama. Virgos are very observant and usually do not explain what they are thinking about what they do not like or like. they keep most of their thoughts private. they like to be well liked, and are good diplomats. Male virgos like their women to be clean with their privates. anyone with body odor is not going to keep a virgo hanging around. LOL that probably goes for anyone.

    My Father was a Virgo,9/17 and my husband of 31 years is a Virgo/Libra 9/22

    you have to learn to what makes a Virgo tick, and they are not easy to understand. They do not like to hurt your feelings and are not so great with confrontation. they do tend to stalk or pout when they don't get their way.

    that is all for now.. stay tuned


  • Great sense of humor and good conversationalist ... very smart, detail oriented, and keenly observant.

  • emotionally detached, do not like to reveal their inner most thoughts and feelings to just anyone. some Virgos have an easier time relating to strangers because their is no emotional attachment or drama.

    In order for a male Virgo to open up emotionally, he has to trust you 100 percent. he has to know you will always be there, no matter what.

    can be very selfish, and egomaniacs. because of their love for analysis and deep thoughts, they think they know all the answers. it can be hard for a male Virgo to see another point of view. they can dig their heels in, and that can be frustrating for the partner.

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