Cancer,smancer, he got a kick inthe pantcers

  • Hi Everyone,

    I wrote awhile back about my sweety a while back Mr. Cancer Man, he no longer my sweety, caught him on a dateing site, that I had deleted, upon his agreement, ours, for our commitment togetter, he got so angry and beligerent, that it was quite comical to see a full grown man act out this way,that was a deal breacker ladies and gents,he's been on that site the whole time, getting matches,and was not honest about it to me,so I guess he had another agenda going on, open door policy,LOL, iTS ok Life does show up, Ive got no resentments, just forgivness,he is only to human too, but Im not going back there under any circunstances, time for the new beginings, looking forward to them,anybody have a clue?, Ok everyone have a good day,any if you have any suggestions,please feel free, to comment,

    Blessings to All


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