What are your real goals?

  • Something I've learnt recently about myself is that I have spent a lot of time and energy chasing goals that I thought I wanted, but that weren't really what I wanted. Perhaps when we all think we are not getting the things we desire, and prayed for, and have worked so hard for, we are actually not focused on the real heart-felt goal at all. For example, is it really money you want, or just the lifestyle at the end of it (maybe that cottage by the beach or the travel to different places), or simply a rest from not worrying about bills and mortgages etc? Is it really someone else in your life that you yearn for, or just to love and like yourself or to feel safe and not lonely? Are you really wanting to lose weight, or are you really just wanting to be more authentic or less needful of protection from the world/more brave? Are you wanting to look younger, or to be young and carefree like a child again? Maybe it's when you put aside the 'smoke screen' that is hiding your real needs is when you get exactly what you are yearning for. It calls for knowing yourself very well. So try following your surface desires to their real roots - it can be a revelation and can be the answer to why you have not gotten from the Universe all that you have been praying for. Make sure you really know what you are asking for - get to the heart of your issues.

  • Thanks, this is a great topic to keep in the front of my thoughts these days especially.

  • Yes, the New Moon now is a good time to ask for and manifest your goals and dreams.

  • Dear captain, thank you for this post. So True and requires honesty and reflection.

  • This post is deleted!

  • We can all slow our progress by mistakenly asking for the wrong things. Spirit has many ways to send you what you want, but not if you are asking for something you don't really want or need.

  • But, in a way Captain why the spirit cannot "read between the lines" 🙂

  • And, happy birthday to you dear TheCaptain, with best wishes for your personal year. Xx

  • Znl, spirit cannot 'read between the lines' if there is no clear authentic 'line' in your head.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • I suppose if you are confused then The spirit is confused too. 🙂

  • Yes, spirit needs us all to be clear on what we truly want, even (or especially) if that clarity is for our own benefit.

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