Who Are Our Resident Psychichs?

  • If you honestly get the sense they are evil, please let me know! I am a total "noob" when it comes to anything "supernatural." 😛

  • If you honestly get the sense they are evil, please let me know! I am a total "noob" when it comes to anything "supernatural." 😛

  • Darn this double posting nonsense!

  • Sorry, they've just never seemed like bad people, to me, but I freely admit I have no real knowledge or experience in these matters and no real gifts for this kind of work. I could very well be decieved. I always figured you got what you got, as far as whom you were assigned. Don't be afraid to give your honest feelings on this. Thanks for your help!

  • Lol! Yeah, I didn't know I was a medium until I started working around the sick and dying, about 5 yrs ago. I don't know how her family used the occult and for what purpose. Sounds like low-level spirits w/maybe no mis-intent, however, while trying to channel this energy I felt my neck area restricted. They sound very elemental. One of the problems w/using spiritual energy while channeling is what you're calling upon. Hyperactivity and unrest is another emotion w/this energy. There are several ways you can clear this. And I will have to do the same. One way that I use is to get a bottle of perfume and offer prayers and repeat in each room--in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit.

    When I started this session for you it felt as though you have a higher purpose like to help people or teaching. You may already know this but haven't pursued it yet.

  • I thought they were my guide(s) and /or gaurdian(s). They are not? How can I find out who my guide(s) / gaurdian(s) are, in that case?

  • I've always gotten along with "salamanders."

  • I'm very firey in my elemental composition.

  • You do have spiritual guides and guardians. When I asked for help on the manifestations on werewolves and the imagery in your dreams, I got the occult. I don't know much about the occult. I have heard a lot of it is based on "earthy" spirits, things. I would try what I offered first. I ask for help from Yahweh, Jesus. I know my life has been sustained a few times on this Earth. I don't know the names, etc. of my guides/angels prob because I've never asked. I don't generally do that--ask for names, I just know they're present. Horses are what's shown to me as God's presence as my own personal guide. I would pray to discover this or it could be a sign that's quite simple that you may be overlooking.

  • Interesting...well, thank you for going on this journey with me! Hopefully these "Hell hounds" don't cause me any trouble! In the meantime, I will keep praying and searching... Thanks so much! You're wonderful! Best wishes for a great life!

  • I'm sorry, " heck hounds."

  • I'm sorry, "heck hounds."

  • You too KyleAdrian! Hope I was able to help. And I'll watch this thread if you have any questions.

  • I believe my connection to the elementals has been cleared. I understand, now, that they were not elementals in the "four elements" sense, nor even people, in the most accurate sense. They were false personalities, subconscious sub-routines, intended to subvert real integration of my actual anima and animus. I am seeking to live my higher calling, now. Thanks for the help, I believe my mother's spirit, is also at peace now.

  • Good to hear from you...

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