Who Are Our Resident Psychichs?

  • While I have been seeking a medium, I believe that search is ill-fated, also, I believe that a psychic might be just as helpful to me now, if not more so, my general, downhill life situation is at leas as important to address as my attempts to communicate with the spirit(s) that is(/are) trying to communicate with me.

    I don't really know who the psychics here are, though!

  • Hi, I'm a psychic/medium. I can connect w/those that have crossed over, etc. Do you want me to help you.

  • Thank you so much! I am terribly sorry, I haven't been here in a while! I kind of gave up hope on finding a medium, to be honest!...

    I apologize sincerely, but I am afraid I do no know how this spirit is! I can't imagine it's anyone I know, personally, to be honest! I was kind of thinking it might be a spirit guide and/or guardian...

    But, yes, I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer me!

    Sorry for the delay, truly, I've just been busy and away from the site!

    Wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you soon!

  • kyleadrian, Ok, I need your real first name before I start.

  • Kyle Logan Hamlin.

  • Kyleadrian, I haven't totally completed this but wanted to mention a few things. You mentioned in the above-posts that you don't know who the spirits are that are trying to communicate. So, I wanted you to clarify this for me. I'm a medium, I'm able to connect w/ departed spirits. Are you saying you have no departed loved ones.

    I'm getting a lot of spirituality. I see things in signs and symbols which usually means I have to try figure out what spirit is trying to convey. There are actually two spirits who convey or watch over you, I feel or you and family as you grew-up. Who is the religious or spiritual person. A couple of times I've seen what looks like a monk w/arms outstretched and an angel w/arms outstretched. I also see a figure that is kneeling and looking skywards. If you or someone you know have been praying recently, please know that this is heard. I feel like there's some connection w/the two figures and an early part of your life. It feels as though someone was lost at an early age or while you were still young. I'm wondering why these two figures seem to be conferring w/ each other. Was your mom the only one in the picture for awhile.

    Did someone commit suicide--I get this feeling. If it's not something like this, I'm wondering why I'm being shown some of the things I am. I can see the facial images of 3 men. Also, wanted to mention a dog that's being shown. I believe he's passed lab looking dog I believe. I'm not finished but thought you could clarify some of this for me.

  • ps--Until I finish this session please only tell me yes or no that there are or are not departed loved ones. I don't need any info. Also, if you can relate to what I posted.

  • My mother killed herself several years ago, we had a Newfoundland female dog pass away a few years ago, I'm quite spiritual and have been praying, recently. I don't know who my mother would be conferring with, if that is her. In dreams, sometimes, I have a mother and father pair of figures who I see, neither is related to me, but they're nice, and I think they might be guardians or guides. My Dad is very much alive and I don't know of anyone connected to my Mom who has passed. Hope this helps...

  • Sorry, I see your request for less information, now...apparently I can't edit or delete my own posts...now, I feel terrible...very sorry...

  • Maybe you aren't wanting more information, so please forgive me if this is interfering, however, I think I may know who these two people are...I think they're a pair of angels who.have made use of imagery connected to maternal and paternal concepts to convey their adoption / guardianship over me. If these are the same two I have seen in dreams, then the images of my.mother and our dog have been used by "Mom" and multiple father-figures / male role-models have been used by "Dad.". They definitely confer with one another...I apologize, I'm putting this out there because I was genuinely confused by all of the various forms they showed me, at first...I kind of thought they were just my imagination, but I get the feeling you're seeing them, too, now... I think they are my guardians / guides, but I have been fairly unsure until now...I still don't know what they are trying to tell me, though...maybe I'm way off or severly misinterpreting or just imagining...I can't claim to be a medium, but it's an impression I have been forming, recently... Sorry if this is not helpful...

  • No, it's ok as you didn't give too much info. I feel the conferring is related to her passing as I feel this was an issue earlier in her life, as well. Your mom is a big part of this reading, so now I understand. It's not your mom whose conferring, it's two guardian/spirits that are shown behind her. I'm feeling as though spirit actually helped her stay here mainly because of you. I'm really feeling exactly as you've stated that there's guardians around. Are you the only child. I'm shown a figure that's off to themselves praying and an angel looking/watching towards them. I will continue. This seems to be the major theme here although I'm not done.

  • I'm not her only child, we are all still alive.

  • A lot of what you're saying sounds like it relates to the relationship between my guardians and myself, more than any relationship between my Earthly mother and myself...My mom and I were not very close for many years, when she passed someone else had to tell me about it...

  • My life situation has become bleak, as of late...I have been appealing directly to my guides / guardians, for advice and support... it sounds like you're seeing that, and that they have heard me, and are watching over me...but someone has been trying to communicate, probably them, and I can't figure out what they are trying to say...Sorry to keep on blabbing... It's wonderful to have any kind of confirmation, such as you have kindly been providing... I guess I'm getting carried away!

  • If this is messing up your session, I'm very sorry, I'm just emotional and have a motormouth, er, fast fingers...

  • I'm sure my mother is a spirit in my.periphery, I often get the feeling she's around, but I think we've both said all we have to say to one another...but maybe not...I don't think she has any unfinished business here...but maybe she does...

  • I'm seeing your mom's face. I asked for guidance and then...BAM! I'm at times very reluctant to express what I feel and see, my personal spiritual beliefs. I know that they are not shared by many. Spirit doesn't walk or act alone. The guardians/guides that you sense and feel are real. I can relate them to some of my own experiences. One is after my sister passed. No one knew yet. I was walking into my house and could hear a conversation. Another time, I was ill and Jesus came in a dream and asked if I was ok but He came w/others. The spirit guides pertaining to you and your mom can be described as Biblical. Your mom appears w/her hair back and up--like a bun on top of the head. A boy who is crying is appearing by her. This is a time when my artwork would come in handy although it would take some time. I will close for now and if I receive anything else will let you know so stay posted for awhile. Your mom and guides did a great job of acknowledging themselves. The message is that she had great joy in your childhood although she struggled a lot. I feel like there was a significant period for you growing-up or maybe she's just acknowledging the pain related to her passing. I don't talk w the departed only convey what I see. The face I'm seeing is wider thru the forehead and kinda angles towards the chin, kinda long face.

  • She struggled a lot during my childhood, and afterwards, she always struggled. Growing up with her, only when I was very young, was a happy time. The face you describe kind if sounds like mine. Don't know about the crying child, though...My guardians / guides might be "something Biblical," I have come to realize, but I believe they are sincere in their concern for me...Thank you very much for your help, it is greatly appreciated, if nothing else, it confirmed a lot for me! You're wonderful!

  • No need to worry about ofending, upsetting, shocking, insulting, disappointing, or depressing me. Regardless of your beliefs, feel free to tell it like it is or call.it like you see it. I am very open minded, and even if theses guides / guardians are something unusual, that's fine by me. What they are and who they are, are two different things.

  • If you saw them as "Demons," it's okay, I've had a feeling that they might be that, for a while, now. I realize few people these days even believe in such things, but no need to hesitate or hold back on my account. I've always been a strange person, I can make friends with anyone, elemental, totem, Demon, it doesn't matter, people are people, we can't help what we are, but we can all choose who we are, and I think these are good people, regardless of what that might be.

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