Tarot Nick Love Reading Please

  • Hi Tarot Nick! I'm requesting a love tarot reading.

    Thank you.

  • I'll try to get to it tonight, but it will be on what you are feeling. I feel that It's your choices that direct where you go, so the reading will be in the direction of you.


  • Thank you Tarot Nick.


  • Hi nicky643,

    I have a negitive spread in front of me, let me put this one back and see if I get something nicer tomorrow night.


  • Hi nicky643

    Here is your reading

    You have some obstacles to over come

    You have a choice to make,, someone has your attraction

    There is desire, but the question is, is it the right choice

    Again there obstacles in the way, there is something that you don't see yet

    Attraction to a guy, first glance looks good, just look hard and careful

    Don't just go through the motions

    If you don't put all your effort, you will get what you put into it

    Your worried you will not be happy

    You need to make a choice, think it through

    Things may feel like you are not moving, need to breath and think

    Once you relax and think your fear will relax, and you will feel better

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Tarot Nick. This one guy likes me but, unfortunately I am not attracted to him. I am very attracted to someone else; however, have not seen this person in about 2 months, and I don't know if he feels the same way about me? Is there a possibility I may see this person again? Is this the person you are referring to?

  • The reading was the guy you are attracted too, just make sure you go in with open eyes. Some times when you want something you focus on a narrow view of what you want. As long as you are ok with your choices, then enjoy your decisions.

  • Thanks Tarot Nick for your reading. One last question-there are two men that have my attention. One I am VERY attracted to physically. This is the one I have not seen in about 2 months. The other man has my interest, although not as intense. Can you tell me which one you are referring to? Thank you again.

  • Hi nicky643,

    Not coping out, but I don't get other hints or names when I do my readings. I just go off what I pick up feeling wise. It was a strong feeling of the attraction, but I also picked up to watch out for what you desire for, just make sure you have your eyes open. Also the other strong feeling was that you have a choice, don't stress over it, make smart choices and you will figure it out.


  • Thanks Nick. I guess time will tell. I joined a new, fancy gym and am enjoying attention from male members. We shall see which of the two guys I like you were referring to, although the first one is the one I really like. Will keep my eyes open.

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