Scorpio Male/Aquarius Woman

  • I got out of a relationship about 4 months ago, which made me very upset and I went through 3 months of depression> I am now feeling much better.

    I have recently met another man. We live in 2 different cities (4 hours away) so we talk on the phone sometimes..he is a scorpio..he is coming a little too strong for me, he compliments me a lot but is a bit too sexual for me. I am not sure how to take it. Is it a Scorpio thing? How should i react to his comments? I am very liberal but think it is a bit too much for someone that i recently met and went on 1 date with. ANy insights?

  • Hi, I'm moon and again I was about to go to sleep when I say your thread

    I'm a Cancer who is/was/want/hate/love my scorp guy too long to post. but anyway about you...

    I don't know your personality but mine did come on VERY strong $e%ually. I liked it... but if you wanna slow him down a bit like you feel it may be too much... he may be "testing the waters" to see how far he can "play" with you. I don't mean that 100% about having $e%... well, I do a little but what I really mean is he may just be trying to figure out your boundaries.

    Like you'll do this but not that... maybe.. I dunno as you were just a tad vauge.

    how about joking with him to slow him down when the convo gets too frisky for your comfort?

    Like if you feel comfotable... post an example and tomorrow I'll post a "example response" if you like


    I am BY NO MEANS A SCORP expert... but I can tell you what made my guy happy if that counts any


    -night doll

  • HEy Moon!Thank you so much for your feedback..I am actually joking with him when it gets too much for me, but I am not sure how long i will keep on doing that. I just want to make sure his motives are good. i found out from other sources that his motives are actually good, but it is quite hard for me to believe right now. SUre, please send me some me handle this man and understand him bettter ahah! Tx

  • well, how about this... give me an idea of what he says/does and I can tell you what I'd do...

    Like if my scorp ased me to send him a pic of something.... hot & wet

    I'd say back... baby hold on I got something hot, wet & sweet for you...

    and then I'd send him a pic of a mug of hot cholocate! (with whipped cream)

    or if he said... tell me something dirty....

    and I was not ready to get all wild I'd say in the most sE%y voice ever... "Mud, soap scum, MILDEW" and then kiss him or giggle and kiss him....

    What kinda $e%y things are we working with?

  • ugh! my spellings not THAT bad it's but my keyboard is sticking I think as my letters are not all poping up!

  • ahah that's funny, i like that.

    Well he keeps on talking about my body and complimenting me and saying how he just wants to grab me ahah He doesn't get too dirty so far, but it is still too much for my standard. maybe i should loosen up. If i knew his motives better, maybe i would respond to him 😃

    it's just the early stage right now and a bit uncertain.

    he has asked me for sexy pics, but I told him i wasnt going to do that, it s just not in my nature.

    So i sent him nice pics of me and he complimented me nonstop again 😃 which was nice

  • If you aren't into being with someone who is very sexual to the point of obsession, I'd look

    for someone with another Sun sign.

  • ok, the next time he says send me a $e%y pic what if you said.... okayyy.... doll... and send him a cute pic of your newly mani-ed toes in some $e%y stiletto heels... and then say... "babe, that's as far as I go with pics"

  • i've mostly found scops./aquas to make great friends but never found a scorpie guy that was a 'good idea' for me love/relationship wise... now saying that i'll probably meet the love of my life today and he'll be a scorp lol

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