Reading regarding feelings.

  • Hey guys, I've found this forum and I think it would be beneficial to me to get some answers especially in tarot.

    So I did a mini three card spread about an "ex" feelings.

    Situation is this, we live far away from each other and thus this was one of the main reasons we aren't in touch anymore. Fact is I still hope for more even though things didn't work out.

    So the first card I pulled out was:

    "Wheel of Fortune" I would say that he was accepting of the situation and sort of like let it to fate to decide. Whatever happens, happens or it probably wasn't meant to be.

    The second card crossing it: Temperance (such a beautiful card yet complicated when it comes to feelings) there's water in it so emotions are definitely present. I would interpret it similarly to the previous one, acceptance as how things are, I also think that he knows that we are a great match and even though we are very different from each other, we blend well. Sort of like "luck wasn't on our side so now I have to balance my feelings, I'm in peace with the situation".

    Last card as a result or outcome I got:

    "Judgment" this is interesting, it's a very karmic card, I guess he was weighting the pros and cons of the situation, he made his final decision or will to forgive and let go as he finally understands that everything happens for a reason. Rebirth of some kind. But let's not forget that it also means giving a second chance or a second go.

    Three of the cards suggest reconciliation or reconnecting with someone once again...

    What other possible interpretations would you guys suggest?

    Thank you. Have a nice day.

  • Does this guy have children/family.

  • No, we are both young.

  • ok

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