TarotNick (Any Relation to GoeticNick?) I Hear You're The One to Seek for A Read

  • I realize that tarot reading doesn't equate to mediumship, but I still think you may have some meaningful insight into my situation....

    I am currently in a downhill spiral in my life, I have a job, but the business is going bust, and my finances are suffering with it...On the bight side, however, I think a spirit is trying to communicate with me, possibly by guide and/or guardian, and I could certainly use the advice...

    So...not sure exactly how to broach a request in my unusual situation...but, if and when you could manage a reading...you seem like the man with plan with comes to reading what's in the cards...

    Please, help, if you can, thanks!

  • No, I just used an unimaginative first name; and someone lied to you....hahahaha

    I will try to give you a reading tonight and I will pick up off your feelings, hopefully you will be able to use it for your situation.

    That may mean start pumping your resume while you have time, you have a different mind set when you don't have anything and little things grow bigger in your mind.

    Plan and prepare.


  • Thank you very much, Sir! I greatly appreciate the prompt response, the practical advice, and the reading...It's absurdly difficult to find someone who is ready, willing, and able to help that doesn't require an appointment months in advance and gratuitous money up front, much less someone who responds as quickly as you do and is willing to work pro bono!

    I actually wouldn't mind making appointments or payments, but neither is really an option, at the moment, as I am short on both time and money!

    Thanks, again, Sir, please enjoy a wonderful rest of your week!

  • I can pay in positive karma, both literally and figuratively! 🙂 (Somehow I doubt you want the actual coins, but you are more than welcome to them, I would be more than happy to e-card them to you if you want them! I realize you're not asking for payment, but I thought I would offer what I could, as I feel like a bum, otherwise!)

  • Do something nice to someone random, that would be my payment.

    Spread smiles,

  • Pay-it-forward, the best way to pay! Consider it done, Sir!

  • Hi kyleadrian

    This is what I picked up,

    There is some good luck around you right now

    Things will work out as they should

    Watch your money, some debts around too

    You are not using your skills to the best of your ability, a feeling of neglect or abuse...not using it like you could

    You do have the strength to do want you need to, work hard and get it done

    A guy always looking for a fight, has a mouth, I don't like him

    You will be able to set new goals

    Don't worry what others think, you don't need to prove or accept, look within

    And don't just go through the motions, if you do you will start and stop things without thinking

    There will be stuff still happening, but you will get through it, you will be strong, it will get easier

    You will be happy and content, just need to be patient

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you so much, Sir. Yes, that does help. Please enjoy a wonderful rest of your weekend.

  • Sorry to bother you, Sir, your reading was very encouraging and accurate but I was wondering if you happen to be aware of any mediums or psychics on the forums who might be able to help me make contact with my spirit friends or who could otherwise offer any helpful readings in regards to my life situation, Sir? Thanks, again, you're awesome and you're doing a wonderful service to this community!

  • All I can say, just ask and see if you get a responce. If someone feels anything I am sure they will respond.

  • Thanks again! You're awesome!

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