Capricorn Man: Deliberation meets love

  • Love happens! But what if it is with a Capricorn man.

    Breaking all barriers of differences and is beyond all considerations,

    but not for the Capricorn Man. Like every other important thing in his life,

    his love life involves a clean romance with the depths of his thought.

    The 10th sign- ruled by the Saturn has plentiful traits and can confuse a lot of people in their initial stages of knowing them.

    Starting with the basic, the goat is reserved and hides his exciting and sexy side that is available only for the ones

    whom he allows and once in they will surely find a more sensitive and emotional person.

    His is too practical in his approach having a realistic stance. The Capricorn is the most thoughtful and goal oriented of all the zodiac signs.

    He is the ambitious one but with a plan.

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