Help With Dream Interpretation

  • Hi,

    Last night, I had a dream about a man who was in my bedroom. He was about average height, white, with dark hair. He was wearing a plaid shirt with blue jeans. Something about this dream really shook me up. I told the man to get out. I woke up screaming. Who was this guy? I've never seen him in my life. Could he just be something or someone my imagination created? Or is it something else, such as a spirit/ghost? I could see right through him.

  • This was a representation of a fear that is gripping you - it may just be a fear of men in general or something more specific as suggested by this particular manifestation. Have you ever met anyone like him in real life?

  • I was wondering if he could represent a man who recently learned something about me that I wanted to kerp private? My neighbor has apparently learned some information about my past that I didn't want anyone else to know. The dream could represent the feeling that I feel like my privacy has been invaded.

  • How long have you lived there. Also, have you had anyone over that normally doesn't come around that often. Sometimes spirit piggybacks, are brought along with people that you come into contact with. You might want to try a cleansing, blessing. Ask for God's protection over the house.

  • Daliolite-

    I've lived in the house for 19 years. There have been some people in and around the house lately, so that's definitely possible. Thanks for the suggestion to try a cleansing. That's a good idea.

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