Hey Astra Are you still around?

  • Hi Astra,

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi. It has been ages. How are you? Past the winter weather over there I hope.


  • Hey sadsag!

    Nice to hear from you. Yes still around although not here as often, but I do check in once in a while to see what folks are talking about. Yes, past the winter yippie, as you can tell I am not a big ski person ha. How are you doing these days? Hope all is going well for you.

  • Hi Astra,

    I just drop in now and then as well. Lots going on here and not much all at the same time. I am loving the warm weather. It's not so great for my garden but awesome for the hammock ;). I have a few more weeks of school then 2 months of freedom. I don't have any big plans this year. Last year I went to Spain for a couple of weeks but I am mostly staying home this year. I can't afford big trips very often. So I will just be hanging out with friends and family. All good stuff.

    I have a granddaughter now. Not sure I told you that. She is almost two. I will spend time with her this summer. That will be fun too.

    L is still in and out of my life. Mostly in these days but no telling how long that will last. I'm much more relaxed about it these days. I just enjoy our time together and then do other things when he freaks out. He may never get his act together. Who knows? Certainly not him!

    That's about all that is happening here. All good stuff.


  • Hello sadsag,

    Nice to hear things are going smoothly for you. Yes, the weather has been really nice here too. Two months of freedom sounds like the ticket... hey would you like to go back to Spain this Summer? or another destination if you had the dough? So a grandma that's cool... heck I could be a grandpa in nine months too, ha... based on what my single daughters are up to lol. L.... what a loser. You need to dump him sag. Just dump him and say, "I have had enough of this go-nowhere relationship.... now, BEAT IT!" and throw all his things out of your house. ha just kidding.

    Not a whole lot new here... I mostly write these days.

    best, astra

  • Hi Astra,

    Yes I would go back to Spain this summer if I could. Not enough money to take a trip like that every year. A friend and I are talking about France next year. That at least gives me something to look forward to.

    Being a grandmother is pretty fun. I don't actually see them all that much though. They bought a house in south Seattle, coz it was affordable, but I am in north Seattle. That makes it hard to get there sometimes with the traffic. It is not good after work either direction so it is mostly weekends. Sometimes several will go by without seeing them just coz life gets busy.

    You could become a grandfather at any time. It can happen very unexpectedly. My son was not planning for it. I think, well we all agree, that his girlfriend did it on purpose coz he was getting ready to end the relationship. Not a good reason to get pregnant but it appears to be working.

    I think you are right about L. He is a loser. He does not want to deal with his issues so he just goes through life hurting people. We are not back together, not even dating actually. We have just seen each other a few time recently. He texts fairly regularly but it is very casual. I think he gets lonely. Maybe in between other women that he sees. I have no idea really. I am certainly not sitting around waiting for him to contact me and come back. I don't expect that to ever happen. I know I should just blockk him from my phone and be done with him but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. I called him an ass last weekend when we went out. He didn't seem to like that much. Got real serious and looked right into my eyes, with a bit of a sad look and said, you know that isn't true. I looked right back and said, yes it is true. So who knows how long before I hear from him again, if ever.

    On the other hand I have nothing else going on in my love life. I have gone out with several men over the past year but they all turn out to be jerks. Maybe by the time they get to this age they are all just damaged. I should just learn to be happy being single but I really am not. I guess just like L I get lonely. I guess that is why I respond to him when he contacts me. Sad huh?

    Geez, what a sad sac I am, hence my name ;). But summer is almost here. I love having the time off and not working but it is a lot of time to fill. I am not good with too much alone time. I get depressed. I have to keep myself busy. Summer is when I miss having a partner the most. But I do have a hammock and an endless number of good books. So far that is my summer plan.

    So what are you writing? Are you painting? Have you given up the cards? That would be a shame actually. Your readings were always spot on. I'm sure it gets old though. Life changes and so do our interests. That's just the way it is.

    Yikes! I sure can rattle on. Enjoy the rainy weekend!


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