How to tell what a scorpio guy is feeling?

  • I've known this scorpio guy for a while. He has a girlfriend(who is a leo). I hangout with both of them all the time, but theres no denying they have their fair share of arguments(what relationship doesnt though, right?) Anyway, this scorpio guy confuses me so much. He has a girlfriend, but he's always going out of his way to do so much for me. He gives me complements all the time, helps me with problems (weather I want his help or not, no matter how big or small the problem), he's always looking out for me, & we always have fun when we're together. But I always try to push him away so nothing will really go on between us. I know I have some feelings for him, not sure what kind of feelings yet, but the feelings are there. I've heard scorpio guys are naturally protective over cancer girls, so is this the case with us? Is this normal behavior with scorpio guys? Or does it seem like he does have feelings for me to?(no saying as in 'love' feelings, but some sort of feeling.) Everytime I wonder this I remember that he has a girlfriend, would a scorpio be in a relationship if he didnt love her, or wasnt happy?

  • I would imagine that this guy does have some sort of feeling for you especially if you're around each other alot. Cancers and Scorpios have a deep seeded connection to one another on a level noone else would really understand except for us. Be careful though because Scorpio can be very secretive but so can Cancers. He may think of you as a girl to fall back on if anything goes awry in his relationship. Keep your distance and listen to your intuition. He may have different intentions and you as a Cancer should be cautious in this situation.I know this because I'm a Cancer but ruled by a Scorpio moon. I'm in a similar situation except I am always hanging with my buddy and his girlfriend but have developed something for this girl who is a Taurus. My buddy is an Aries and really doesn't care to much for her. It's a sticky situation so I'm cautious and keep my distance, but she knows that I like her in a round about way because I have made hints . Pretty sneaky, I know, but this girl has something. And yes , I do believe that on a certain level Scorpio's do have a very strong protective side to them, as the same as Cancers do. The men , will watch over other water signs. I have as a Cancer man but I believe this to be true of Scorpio also.

  • Yeah, we've known each other since we were 11. He's older than me by afew months. At first I didnt pay much attention to him, but we started getting closer after a while. Especially these last couple years. We both seem to be comfortable around each other. Theres certain guys I dont feel comfortable being around at all, or I feel up tight around them, but when I'm around him everything it usually calm & relaxed, even if one of us are in a bad mood. We just calm each other down. He's always there to make me smile weather I want to smile or not 🙂 . But I never let him know that I've noticed him doing all these things for me. Earlier I wrote a long page explaining it all.

    To be honest I'm split in two over all this. If he did have any intentions to be anything more than friends, I'm not sure how I'd react. I've thought about how it would be if me & him ever did date, & then I think about how it could ruin our friend ship. I'm not sure if we'd be a good match since non of my signs are a scorpio. Or at least thats what I've been told on here. My sun is a Cancer, my moon is an aries, & my rising is a Gemini. Non of those match up to a scorpio 😕 . If we ever dated, no matter how bad the relationship was, I wouldnt want to loose that good of a friend.

  • the problem here is, is that niether one of you can tell the other your true feelings when it's actually the complete opposite because you both feel the connection. Stay friends , is my advice. Move on Cancer unless you have the cojones to say something. Otherwise stop interfering in their relationship and find your own. Stay friends. It's your best bet and it will save you alot of trouble. Keep your distance , I say!

  • Oh thats the bad part LoL. He has a girlfriend, I have a boyfriend. I think we've both been trying to keep our distance, but we do have fun when we're together, but I'll try to keep my distance. I dont want anything to happen that'll ruin our friend ship, or hurt his girlfriend/my boyfriend.

  • Good choice Christmas, good choice. Always remember that down the road sometime in your lives you both may be single. Timing is everything. Have fun and be his friend for now. If you want to let the cat out of the bag , that's up to you. Sometimes we have to. But timing, and I stress timing. Good luck to you there. Peace 🙂

  • Hi Waterman,

    Im the same with Christmas...I met a scorpoi man online last thursday... well he contact me and like my essay I wrote, cuz we both where hurt..So the moral of my story is...We finally met in person last friday and hit it off real good like she said we felt calm & comfortable with each other...He told me that he really likes me and wat to get to know me.. Then the next day we wanted to spend some time together but he had his son and I had a baby shower to go I told him to go and spend time with his son..that I'll c him tomorrow cuz we had a date that day too...Well when he picked me up to go on our date which we drove around in the mtns...We was having a good time (as for me Im a good listener) he was spilling his guts out to me about the girl that hurt him really I sat there and listened to him...One min. he was happy then the next he was sad and far away...I knew wat he was going through cuz it happened to me too..ok Well b4 I met him I went out on a date with a guy and he was spilln his guts out to me too about a girl dumpn him for another man.. well guess what the man that she dumped him for was the guy I met last Thursday, which I didnt know untell he told when we was talkn he asked me if i knew a guy name Mark from where im at and did we go out on a date..I told him yes and he spilled his guts out to me about a girl dumpn him for another guy, that when he said well im the guy she went too..It was like daja foo to me...listening to the same story...from both of Well when I met him I felt a connection a strong one with him and some how fell for my date...real bad...well we went to a park and as I said I was listening to him spill his life story to me cuz I knew he had to get it the time he took me how he told me that he just wants to be friends cuz he dont know if hes the man for me due to he was still hurtn from her doing that too him. which it happened over a month ago and she is with another guy two weeks after he left her...but hes tryn to get over her and she txts him and the other guy so them both cant stop caring for her. He told me to go find someone that will b alot better 4 me then he will b, but when he said that his eyes where watering...So if the guy didnt have any feeln for me and just wanted to be friends why is he about to cry...Plus hes tryn to push me away and he knows im not going to leave him cuz some how I can feel that Im need to be there 4 him to help him out with his depression...So why does a guy tell u to go find someone else and he still txts u..I dont mind him txtn me cuz I have feeln for him, but im just wondern if he has feeln for me even tho hes still hurtn from her...what should I do stay and help him out or leave, cuz my heart is telln me to stay and my brain is sayn go sometimes...I really want to be with this guy alot and for a relationship wiith him more then friends,but I dont know if he wants that too...Im confused so I need ur help his he the one that I have been prayn for or was I just sent to him to help him and the other guy out of their pain...I need help..

  • I feel for you Tularegrl...

    when a man or a woman is spilling their guts about a past ex, that means only one thing. he/she is not over that person and are still hurting real bad.

    find someone who is ready for new beginnings, unless your subconscious is telling you by whom you attract, is that YOU are not ready for a "relationship". keep yourself light foot and fancy free, and when you are truly ready, you will begin to attract men that are emotionally free from a past ex, and ready for a new beginning.

    Blessed be on your spiritual journey, Sunny

  • I agree with MsSunny

    It does sound like he still has feelings for his ex.

    It's good that your there to listen to his problems, but when his problems are about his ex.....that means his ex isnt his past.

    And if he dumped that one girl you mentioned later on in the passage so fast for you, dont be surprised if he might do the same to you.

    He might just be hurt from his ex & is being a little player right now, but either way, dont take him seriously unless he's going to take you serious. I dont know how old you two are, but if you want a serious relationship, then dont wait around for him. It's your life, you run it, not him.

  • Thank U both...right now he knows that Im scared and backn off alittle bit..but he told me hes over her and I do believe him cuz we have been spending alot of time together since we have met and hes tryn to let his wall down for me..Where getn alittle bit closer ea day..I guess me being there 4 him and shown him that Im not her and that Im not gona hurt him..hes easing up.. I finally went to his place last nite and spent some time with him and had a great time...He calls me every day too..I dont call Im gona let him persue me and see if he really does like me or not....He already told me that he dont want me to b a rebound so we both decied to b friends and c where it may lead too...and I hope its the direction that I want it to b if not at lease we are friends...My heart feels good about being there 4 him and helping him throught his heart break..and yes Im protecting my heart He left her cuz of her lies and cheatn on him..I will c where it will lead too and keep u posted...K thanks all

  • well, I agree to some extent with you ladies, but a mans point of view in this matter is different. this guy was really hurt and he was looking for another female just to talk, maybe and that's it. See , women I find fall for a man way too fast. This man needs time but he's probably just looking for a friends shoulder. I think as men, we hide alot of that stuff, but we open ourselves up to the women that we know. Just my experience and some Cents lol

  • Warterman.

    Thanks for your mans point of view on this..Well hes right now is sending me mix signals...we have been hanging out with ea other alot since we met except on Mon and now friday sat and today...when we are together we act like a couple holding hands kissing and so on..:) but this only happens during the evening part like around 7pm on untell the next morning then I go home and he does his thing during the day and we meet up again at he met my kids too (Adult kids) he txts me only on his lately around 10:00 pm but a very short txt too...Now I just feel like hes pushing away like I think its me alone time which I dont mind cuz he does need his alone time he has his son on the weekends....THe time we spend together is great hes loveable kissy touvhy which i dont mind at all..:) Then later on like last thursday nite his mood turned real cold like i just left him alone to figure out what was on his mind, then he told me later what it was that made him that way..(mom)...I dont know if he is or not I really cant say just some time I feel it or mabe its cuz Im scared of loosing him I feel like hes talking to his ex, but a friend of ours which knows her and even talks to her said that she hasnt contact him plus he talks to R too about it...So is it me just being scared of loosing him or wat...I dont know wat u scorpios think or feel when u have been hurt...Does he really like me more then just a friend or just a friend...I cant figure him out he has more mood swings then I do..geez its like hanging with a guy with min hes happy as a clam loveey dovey and then he clams up like hes in his cave emotionless...then he pops out and comes back for more loving..u scorps confuse me. should I say and try to deal with his mood swings and see where and wat he wants or should I leave...My heart is telln me to stay...Do u think that I will ever break his wall down and have a chance with him or not plz help...My son is going through the same thing with a scorpio girl but he has known her for 8 yrs..hes confused also..

  • Well Im done with my scorpio, he was using and playn me the whole time we was together..I found that out last nite when I confront him...So he dumped me lets say on Thursday nite but didnt have the balls to tell me its over untell last nite when i confront him whats was going on...So im done with all scorpio men...taurus,gemini and Libra men they all are cheater, player and liars to me...sry that is just how I feel right now and im not ever gona put my wall down again for any man.ever again .or even trust..again..its just hard to believe any more

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