Suggestion For New Reading: Dream Tarot or I-Ching

  • This may already exist, but I think they should create a Tarot or I-Ching reading to interpret and analyze a recent or recurring dream as it relates to a current dilemma or specific situation. If this is available anywhere let me know, and if not, someone should seriously consider creating it because dreams can reveal a lot about underlying subconcious issues and a dream reading could provide profoundly valuable insight into things that we might not otherwise recognize. Maybe I'll create one.

  • Great suggestion! We are currently working on an Astrology product related to dream interpretation by Stephanie Clement, so keep an eye out for that.

    In the meantime, any of our personal insight Tarot or I-Ching readings can be done for a dream; simply focus on the dream or ask a question (such as "What can I take from my recurring dream?") related to the dream as you do the reading.

  • In my opinion, dream interpretation can be extremely subjective and depends a great deal on the intuitivness of the dreamer. Our sleep state processes events/issues of the wakeful state and depending on the individual can be processed in different ways. Determining the difference between the collective and individual unconscience takes great skill and insight based on the life experiences of the person. I personally like the Tarot questioning process but I'm learning to greatly appreciate the nuances of the I-Ching. Even my psychiatrist gets excited by the readings I get from this site when I print them out.

    Thank you, admin for letting us know what to look for in the future from this great site!

  • shuffle then lay out 4 cards asking wat could the dream mean

    then work on how positive or negative the cards are

    secondly keep in mind eds... fire air water earth

    u will get a fair interpretation

    eg ..a fire card on fire element will will make that card very powerful in its meaning

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