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  • Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but also desperate to know about my situation so I want some clarification on my reading, I've read that the star as an outcome card stays as hopes and faith, or just wishful thinking, and that it will stay this way just because...

    I can give you inside into the rest of the spread which was good,I asked a general description of my relationship, we stopped contact like two months ago so it's supposed to have ended but yet still hope for the impossible...

    For my feelings I got the "5 of swords"

    For our relationship foundation I got the "Knight of cups"

    For his feelings I got the "5 of cups"

    For my needs I got the "Hierophant"

    Their needs I got the "5 of pentacles"

    Combined needs I got the "9 of pentacles"

    My expectations I got the "7 of cups"

    Their expectations I got the "Queen of wands"

    Combined expectations "Temperance"

    And as an outcome, (twice) "The star"

    Can you please clarify or explain clearly if anything of this is hopeful in a good way or just have to simply give up...

  • From my experience the outcome card is usually your hopes or your outcome. One got hurt more than the others. The one that hurt you wasn't really trying to hurt but feel you shouldn't mess w/this person. I don't know who their is but there is financial difficulty. I'm getting that you're relying too much on a relationship where the expectation is turning into Pandora's box. Again don't know who their is. Queen of wands could be a mother figure providing a clear and straightforward path. You need a different type. Something more structured.

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  • When I draw, I use positions. In present, the Lovers, situation, tower, challenges three of cups. I get the feeling this person is w/someone or returned to the previous situation they were in.

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  • In my experience when 5's show up in a love reading (and you got four of them!) it's never a good sign for the relationship. The 5's are about change. You are being guided to let go. Temperance and the Star showing up together signify inner healing and looking toward the future with a positive outlook (not looking to the past). Knight of Cups can often signify a Lothario or just someone not ready to commit. With the Tower and 3 of Cups coming in as clarifying cards, I agree that it seems he went back to someone else or there was always at least one other person in the picture.

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  • You feel that he regrets losing you or you HOPE he regrets losing you? It's really easy to let our wants and desires cloud both our thinking and our intuition in these situations. If he regretted it, he would have reached out to you. Men really aren't that mysterious - normally they are pretty straight forward, but we women like to make it seem more complicated when we don't like the answer. If you really can't let go then reach out to him. Mercury is going retrograde next week which is a good time to resolve old relationship issues. Just listen to the message he communicates to you. Non response means no interest. Wishy- washy response means the same thing really but he may toy with you if he's bored. Get clear on who you are, what you want, and what you will not put up with.

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  • You should probably take some time to think about why you wanted to cut off contact in the first place. Was there something you wanted that he was not providing? Were you trying to manipulate him into making a commitment and it backfired? Obviously there was a reason, but now you miss him so you are sweeping it under the rug. Once again, you need to get clear on what you really want. I still question his feelings...doesn't seem like he put up much of a fight to keep you. instead of pulling cards, just rip off the band-aid and call him. You will get your answer.

  • Yes, I feel it could turn around w/Watergirl's advice. If you look at the picture in the 5 of swords, there's someone in the background who seems hurt more than the others. I took this as you. If you initiated this lack of contact, then you are the lead character in this card...

  • Hi there, I've been in your shoes and I hope to add some insight to your reading. I even pulled a card for you asking how you must act towards your ex for the rest of April 2016.

    I think the hardest part about your reading is that I don't know the whole picture regarding your relationship, but I will try my best with the cards you've given. I also want you to be aware that no matter the outcome of your situation, you will be in a positive place when everything is all said and done. With the star, tower and three of cups, something will be revealed to you that will give you hope and inspiration. You will feel a sense of exuberance and this could have something to do with your friendships or your community. Anyway, here is what I've interpreted from the cards (I will put my interpretations in brackets):

    For my feelings I got the "5 of swords" (Your feeling disharmony and off balance from what has happened with your break-up);

    For our relationship foundation I got the "Knight of cups" (I'm seeing that he was quite the romantic when your relationship started or that it started out as a whirlwind romance and moved quite quickly);

    For his feelings I got the "5 of cups" (he is feeling disappointment in some way regarding your relationship, now this is tricky because "his feelings" is very general, you could clarify that by being more specific about what his feelings are regarding i.e. his feelings about your relationship or his feelings about the break-up. The more specific the clearer the answer);

    For my needs I got the "Hierophant" (You need a traditional relationship where it is not necessarily super romantic but it is reliable and traditional. You need someone who shares those values; a trustworthy, reliable person who is committed to you and the relationship);

    Their needs I got the "5 of pentacles" (This one stumped me at first, but I thought about it and he needs an unpredictable relationship. He almost needs to feel rejected in some way or that he needs to feel that the relationship is unstable. Some people need drama to feel excitement in a relationship and some men need to feel like they could lose the woman they are with. I've been with men like this. They sit up and take notice when you don't need them and this relates to the Queen of Wands and I'll tell you why in a bit);

    Combined needs I got the "9 of pentacles" (in order for the relationship to work you will need to become self-sufficient. From what I'm seeing from the other cards, he needs a woman who doesn't need him and can take care of her own needs and is committed to fulfilling her own needs; she can take him or leave him. For you, if you start taking care of yourself, you are going to start to feel more balanced and confident and you will start to enjoy being on your own; self-love is so important because you won't need someone else to fill the emptiness you feel inside. You will be more than capable of doing that on your own and therefore you will become less needy in your relationship);

    My expectations I got the "7 of cups" (Now, I know you said something about the Star being the wishful thinking card, but I can tell you this, the seven of cups is the "wishful thinking, building castles in the sky" card. You may have had certain expectations about the relationship, possibly because this man was so romantic, but they didn't quite happen they way you had expected);

    Their expectations I got the "Queen of wands" (He was expecting a confident, positive woman who didn't need him and was wanted by many. This relates back to the five of pentacles. I've been there and it is so annoying. They want you when they can't have you);

    Combined expectations "Temperance" (You were both expecting a balanced, healthy relationship where you just fit together like two peas in a pod; completely compatible);

    And as an outcome, (twice) "The star" (I feel that there is hope for the relationship if you are willing to do the work to find serenity within yourself. You need to get your balance and mojo back cause this shit is driving you crazy. Do you have any hobbies? Friends to spend time with?(three of cups would be your girlfriends or the women in your life that make you feel joyful). Do you love walking in nature?(that always balances me and you never know who you will meet or run into on your adventures).

    I don't know you or this man, but if I'm reading the cards right, he sounds like he's a little immature in the love department and needs drama in his relationship to stay interested. I guess the question you also need to ask yourself is do you really want to be with someone like that, or do you want the Hierophant? Maybe not as exciting as the knight of cups, but someone who values his relationships and is reliable.

    The cool thing about taking care of yourself is that you will find those answers, and you'll find yourself in the process.

    P.S. I did a one card reading for you and my question was as follows:

    How must Pami619 act towards her ex-boyfriend she mentioned in her forum post for the month of April 2016? = Temperance Reversed.

    From what I see, this is telling me that you should try to avoid contacting or spending time with your ex, but you need to do this in a balanced and temperate way. If he contacts you, just remain calm and don't act angry or overly excited. Just calmly let him know that you're not looking to be in a relationship with him at this time in your life.

    I hope I've helped and I wish you all the best! XOX

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  • Pami619, Would you like me to do a reading. I can do one based on what's good/best for you. He, no doubt, will show-up in the reading. It's often hard to read for ourselves and we often go back and pull more cards. I've found that readings are usually a snapshot of the present. I do 11 card readings that are pretty good clarifiers of the situation. Normally, I don't go back and pull more cards or clarifiers.

  • And there it is.

    You've never met in person?

    "Talking" to someone online does not equate to a relationship. If the reason you cut off contact is because he would not meet you in person then you have to ask yourself why he would not give in. If he loved you as you say then he would want to meet you.

    This relationship is a fantasy.

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