Career reading request

  • Hello all!

    I would love to request a reading if any of you have the time.

    Currently I'm working at a job that doesn't make me happy and my work environment is very tense and very competitive. I would love to change jobs and try my hand at something I've been dreaming of for a very long time. The problem is it is a very serious decision in this market to pursue something that might not put food on the table. Could an of you ask the cards about the possible career change and its possibilities / downsides? Am I being completely naive by thinking it might be a good decision? Thanks a lot in advance!

  • I'll try to help w/a reading.

  • Thank you!

  • Avor, I know how hard it is to change and go forward on career when you have other obligations. This is what the present part of your reading is relating. This has a lot to do with your happiness and fulfillment. This reading is speaking of this venture, idea, creative path. At times, reminds me of that show shark tank where you have to bring your idea forward. I get the impression that this is something you're going to have to embrace yourself and no so much with the help of others. It won't get carried thru w/others--page of wands in advice position. Conflicts w/choices. Don't make choices based on emotions. Something to do w/location, moving very much in the foundation of your reading. It also has something to do with the development of yourself and your ideas. I'm getting that you're feeling overwhelmed. I'm getting a green light if you're able to by-pass the idea that you need others for this. This is a path that can work if you create it and develop yourself. Did you try to go forward w/this is the past and 2 figures (looks like parent figures) weren't on board. This created a lot of anxiety. Whatever this is will require your own effort, work. This is not you can have your cake and eat it to. The real block for you is emotions, and the moving or moving past--2 of coins in blocks, 7 of cups future position. A lot of the challenges are in your own mind. Take time to develop and not look to others so much--page of wands advice--7 of cups.


    present--queen of cups rev

    crowning--9 of cups rev

    foundation--2 of wands

    situation--king of wands rev

    past--knight of wands

    challenges--9 of swords rev

    future--7 of cups

    blocks--2 of coins


    advice--page of wands

    outcome--10 of wands--take one task at a time

  • Thank you so much Daliolite!

    Yes I did try to do this as a job in the past but I never made enough money off of it. That's why I decided to let it go and found myself another job which is making me more and more miserable every day. I'm thinking of saving a bit and using that savings to jumpstart this job again which I didn't have the chance to do back then. And yes my parents were very against the idea saying that it didn't have the stability and security that would come with a conventional job which they were of course right about. Apart from my parents I didn't have much support from my friends either. Everyone basically thought I was wasting my time.

    I actually think I need others for this, not for emotional support maybe but for networking, finding clients etc etc. But you're saying I don't need them? Could you please ask the cards for some clarification on that? It confused me a little.

    Also, do you see my situation improving in my current job? I'm working with a group of very nasty people in a very stressful and high strung environment and it has become a struggle to go to work in the morning 😞

  • I will get back to you on your questions. Give me a couple days.

  • Thanks a lot Daliolite. I look forward to it.

  • I'm still w/you will respond soon

  • Avor, I did another reading and drew 2 clarifier cards. Something that I don't normally do but thought I would give it a try in this case. Career readings can be hard. This one is somewhat straight forward. Tarot readings aren't black and white. They're indicative maybe. I'm not giving career advice, I'm giving a tarot reading in regards to career.

    Clarifier on current job--Temperance reversed

    Clarifier on new job--ace of cups

    Both cards deal with emotions. You want a job that makes you feel well-balanced and happy. I'm really feeling as though something may "blow-up" in regards to your current job. I think you'll separate from this job. Separation by words. Riding the tide there isn't going to work. May not be good for your health to stay there. You may be thinking of taking a period of time to regroup and think things through. Will things get better at current job--no. I'm feeling it can get a lot worse. You hold the key. You need to develop yourself, career. Your reading is talking about moving-on but you need higher/better skills. You may have to get thru some type of training, college, etc--queen of swords in foundation. In the past part of reading it's saying that no one knew of this idea--world card is reversed. World is a very expansive card. Because this is a career reading your reading is talking about failure to get your ideas out there--no one knew about it. I want to say it needs to be more grounded/solid. Perhaps you need more research/training to put it in action. In my previous reading the sun card was in your environment. This could be the contacts you said you needed. For me, it's indicative of the new path, environment that you need. Did you put your idea into the wrong hands before. I still see you moving forward on your own--4 of wands in future position, 5 of swords in advice. I think you're going to have to prove yourself, ideas, training solidly before you get help. I think there's a male figure who's a challenge in this area--king of wands in challenges. I feel like you can be a great success. I'm just not sure if it's with this thing you've tried before or something else, some other training. The message here is to look forward. Decision making can be a struggle for you and you need to go w/what makes you happy. I worry about some of the advice that's been given to you by contacts. Hope this helps.

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