Any taurus guys plz comment!

  • Was just wondering what type of girl do ye taurus guys fancy? How they ye let women know ye are in to them? If ye are not interested do ye just ignore them or say it as it is?

  • taurus is vary needy.When you do things get a taurus a gift.We must know that we are in your thoughts.With me i go out of my way to see someone.A wife for a taurus is for life...Just dont hurt one they will never forgive or forget.Yes we ignore.

  • Taurus men are very sensual. They love pleasure. They love comfort. They love sex. They love food. They love quality. They love beauty. They love to be clean, well groomed and appropriately dressed and they expect the same from their partner. (Although a nude partner is always an option.). Did I mention they love sex?. You need to know that. They are practical and at the same time they are quixotic. They are very intelligent. They love sex. They will indulge their partners tremendously, as long as they are also receiving.

    They love a clean and neat home. They are not impressed by extravagance, the focus will be on comfort, beauty, relaxation and a nice kitchen.

    They would rather have a few, better quality items than a lot of junky items they know they will need to replace soon. Don't be surprised if they choose the more expensive, stainless steel item over the cheap metal one. And, like the durability of the items they choose, they are just as durable. They are in it for the long haul.

    They are slow and steady. They may even seem lazy at times. But, there is a method to their slowness. They may already have a plan in their heads or are simply waiting for more information in order to make a move, which is usually best for all.

    They are fair and just. They root for the underdog. They are patient. They are kind. They are also critical. They may keep the criticism to themselves or they may tend to complain. Friends of Taureans know that if the Taurus is complaining, there probably is a good reason. The complaint will probably be softened with humor.

    Taureans hold themselves to very high standards of behavior and quality of work, words, actions. Taureans can't understand why others don't do the same.

    Taureans are very much the tortoise in the old fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. Slow and steady is their pace. They have tremendous stamina. They will outlast almost all others. They are reliable, compassionate and charitable. They will finish the job or see to it that plans are in place to complete the task in their absence. If they are involved with a project, they are truly involved.

    Taureans need their rest. They will probably have very comfortable beds and comfortable sofas. They want their partners comfortable, too. When it's time to sleep, it's time to sleep. Sleep is almost sacred to a Taurus. If he wants to take a nap, he knows he needs it. Either join him or go find something else to do. He is going to take that nap one way or another. He likes a nap buddy, if it's not you it's a pet.

    Taureans want everybody to be comfortable and happy. If you are invited for dinner at a Taurean's home, you will be served the best he can or cannot afford. He is probably a good cook, too. You will be stuffed to the gills. Get used to it.

    Taureans may be considered quiet, reserved or maybe aloof at first. It's just that they like to take it all in before they open their mouths. If the conversation is shallow, it will not interest a Taurean.

    Taureans may seem quiet in an unfamiliar setting, but put them in a familiar setting and they often will become the life of the party, and can be quite outrageous, with their knowledge, intelligence and humor. In other words they can really "throw the bull."

    If you want to upset a Taurean, all you have to do is harm "the little guy" in the slightest way. You will hear from him promptly.

    Taureans are slow to anger. However, once he has been pushed so far as to get a response, watch out. There may never be a louder voice than that of an angry Taurus. The gentle Taurus also knows quite a few choice words. You may be surprised at his vocabulary.

    People should never even think of threatening his home, family, friends or any animal. It may be one of the last things they do.

    So, back to the positives. if you are looking for a reliable, durable, funny, intelligent, sensual, sexual, principled, loving partner, find a Taurus.

  • I am married to a Libra woman and at first things were great for both of us an now she is at a long distance in our relationship. I try to do everything under the Sun to please her but all I get is her talking about her coworkers and boss. She cares more for them then her own spouse and kids (kinda selfish) which really goes alot against a Libra; lol. I can still finish her sentences and know what she is thinking before she speaks and yet i feel as an outsider.

    I wish you luck with a Taurean but to let you know all Taureans are not alike. I am more like my Chinese zodiac of the Snake then a Taurean. I did have a bad temper and held long grudges in my younger days though. I did grow out of this as i saw that it was worthless to make myself let alone others feel all that pain and bottling it up just to let it all out on someone innocent. Yes i do cook but food isn't all my passion even though i love to experiment!!!

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