May I ask for a birthday reading, Captain :)

  • Seasons greetings, Captain!

    My name is Bryan Alberto Mora and you’ve been a strong guide for me the past few years. Because of this- I feel comfortable enough to ask for your guidance once again.

    My 28th birthday is right around the corner and I while I could hope for a magical day, I can't help but feel frustrated by my current living situations. My partner has been drinking heavily and it’s frustrating and sad to watch, knowing that there isn’t much left I can do to change his habits. Do you see any changes in regards to our living conditions? Will I be forced to move out to get any peace of mind? I also worry that all this has tainted my view on love, and that maybe my resentment may carry on to future partners.

    I also worry about maintaining my finances if I decide on moving out. My job doesn’t particularly pay very well, and isn’t even in the field I want to be working in. I’m a writer, and have been building my portfolio to send out this spring. Do you see any change in jobs this year? Or will I be damned to a life of retail hell?

    I hope there's some birthday magic out there that can give an answer to this loaded question.

    Basically, do you see any changes in regards to jobs, living conditions, or dare I ask… love life 🙂

    My name is Bryan Alberto Mora and my birthday is May 13 1988. THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for me Captain! Your support has been a tremendous gift.

  • Yes I do see changes for you in every way - next year which is the beginning of a whole new chapter for you (which as a writer you will surely appreciate). I feel a way will appear for you to get the things you need, but you will have to go it all by yourself. You will need courage and initiative but you can do this. If you maintain this attitude, then I feel money will flourish for you. I get the sense of you becoming independently wealthy very soon. But I feel you may have to make some changes to your writing based on the comments you get back after you send out your portfolio. If you make the changes, your writing will do better.

    Your partner needs professional help for his drinking problem as there are buried issues from the past that are causing it and without help to release and heal, he will just get worse. If you cannot persuade him to get help, then I feel you must leave for your own sake. You certainly didn't cause his problems so why would you fear the same thing happening with other partners? Try to treat each new person you meet totally different because the past is dead unless we revive it in our minds.

  • Thank you so much Captain for your help! While I'm exited to move onto a new path, I'm sad to be leaving someone I care for deeply. You are entirely right in needing to start on my journey alone and with initiative. The only reason I've been worried with future relationships is because I've have these anger fits and am very worried that when I start a new, these fits could reappear. I suppose that's something I need to work on myself. Meditation will surely help!

    Again, thank you Captain! I'm so appreciative of your help!

  • Do you know what triggers your anger, Bryan?

  • When i think about it, it can be a combination of things. Frustration for not yet achieving the things I work for...maybe resentment in my relationship, or just the feeling of being trapped in a situation I don't want to be in. I know there's a way out of everything, so I need to just reflect or think about what a realistic approach is to pull myself from the mud.

  • Do you have safe ways to release your anger, like with exercise or a punching bag?

  • When I think about it, it's a great idea to set up some time to exercise. In fact, creating a schedule for everything- homework, writing, work, some running- could really help turn things around!

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