Love Reading Pretty Please

  • Hello!

    First and foremost, I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful forum. The love and support that flows through it is wonderful. Thank you all for that.

    Any insight anyone can give me would be amazing.

    I'm a Pisces woman. DOB 02-22-1984 Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising

    He is a Leo man. DOB 08-02-1985 Leo Sun, Pisces Moon and Aquarius Rising.

    Love and Light! xoxo

  • StarStuff, strangely this can be a difficult love affair but, if you can make it through to marriage, it can go well.

    Together the two of you can charm the pants off other people. Part of the reason your relationship is so magnetic is its deep understanding of what others want. But people are also just plain attracted to you two because of the chemistry between you, which is magnetic itself, and palpable. Extremely up-to-date, you two can sense coming trends and even create them, whether working together or in your social circle or families. Among other things, this will make you, for example, infallible gift buyers - anyone getting a present form you will be proud to have received such a thing. With salesmanship like this, you two can be successful at anything you do.

    A love affair here will be quite passionate, but you both also risk becoming highly dependent on each other, or even falling into sex and love addictions. Should these habit-forming tendencies extend to drug or alcohol use, they could prove deadly. Because magnetic desire plays such a powerful role here, both of you must be careful to stay somewhat objective and guard against excessive behaviour.

    Marriage or a working partnership is especially favoured here. At work, you SS can first attract the attention of superiors or potential clients, but this in part will be because your partner has already lent you the emotional support you need to gain self-confidence. This support can also be financial and moral. In marriage, you for your part can help your partner to discover his inner sensitivity and to express his feelings more easily.

    You two know what others want, but you also have to ensure you know what you want and need. Make sure emotions are freely and warmly expressed and beware of addictive tendencies.

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  • Wow Captain! You are dead on. We're 5 years into it and some of those things you say we should look out for have already manifested. Actually, they all have. Thus, I took a big step back. However, I do love him and I am incredibly attracted to him so I'm trying to decide if I'm willing to work through it and commit or if I should move on, both will be hard work. He'd marry me today if he could but he's also the one that fights addiction and depression and as an empath those things greatly affect me. Well, with Mars going into retrograde, I guess I'll have some time to just think about it eh? 😉

    Thank you so very much Captain! Sending you lots of love. Xoxo

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