Babies, babies, everywhere...

  • I had to pick up a couple kiddos at a daycare, for a visit with their mother. (I am a social worker with Child Services worker for the state.) I walked into the daycare to pick up the baby who was just a few months old. There were babies everywhere.... and I thought to myself This must be heaven!!! I enjoyed spending some time with the little one before her mother arrived. It was an emotional visit for the mother, and for me as well. I could feel her pain from not having her babies in the home. I watched her cry from behind the glass as she held and rocked her little one. I watched her and I cried with her, although she could not see me.

    But, my tears were selfish tears, as I cried myself as well... as it brought back the pain I felt from my miscarriage last fall. Its difficult to talk about this with anyone... the only people that understand are those who have been through it... and I find it hard to reach out to them... as I don't want to remind them of their pain.

    I guess what I want to know... if anyone can even tell me... is will I get another chance? I am getting older... and I do not have much time left to bear a child of my own. I know I can look into foster parenting and adoption if I do not have another child of my own. I guess I am wondering where to focus my energy...

    Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to increase my chances? Prayers, rituals, anything to increase fertility... Or should I start looking into foster care and adoption now?

    I have one daughter, now 22. I always felt I was supposed to have a son, and that feeling has grown stronger since my marriage ended 5 years ago. I have had many readings over the last few years, where I was read as having more than one child. I guess my faith is challenged at this point... and I just need some comfort and feedback... and if anything can do a reading on this, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks you, and blessings to all.


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