May I Have a Reading please?

  • Good Evening to all!

    I would lIke insight for the Summer. Especially for June and July.

    I am looking at opportunities in regard to Money and Relationships.

    Thank You In Advance.: )

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  • Standing Tall,

    I will give you a reading but it will only be what I pick up off of what you are feeling, let me know.


  • Yes, I would love a Reading from you.

    Thank You Nick!

  • I will try to get to it tonight,


  • Hi StandingTall,

    You have a choice to make

    A younger person who is studios but can be flighty

    You will get what you deserve money wise

    There is something that you are not happy with, but be careful how you deal with it

    There is a guy, he can be a little hard but he means well

    Someone you thought was a friend, did something behind your back

    That betrayal has left you feeling restricted

    You feel something was unfair, try not to lash out, be calm

    There will be peace after the anxiety

    You will feel a separation

    You may want people's approval tohelp you through

    Hope that helps,


  • Yes Tarot Nick; what you stated is precisely what is going on!

    You gave me an EXCELLENT Reading.

    I was betrayed by a VERY good friend of my parents. This person was sort of a father figure to me.

    I was renting from him, and he did something HORRIBLE !!! As a result, I lost everything that I owned. Basically I ended up homeless and a friend took me in. I have been VERY depressed especially for a good year after the event happened; and, I do have episodes when I Lash out.

    I am praying that the TRUTH will come out SOON!

    DO you see the Truth coming out? ?

    Also, you stated that I will get what I deserve Money wise. Could you please give me Insight as to who or whom;and where this windfall will come from?

    Your Insight on these two matters please.

    Thank You In Advance. 🙂

  • Hi StandingTall,

    When I do a reading it's more of just a feeling and I trust what cards are pulled will help.

    In the case of the money it was a calm feeling, so I take that as it will come. I don't know if it's a windfall, but something will come.

    For the truth, I didn't get the cards that say the truth will come out, other then you will be looking for peoples approval.

    The other thing that popped at me was how you deal with the situation, it was saying you need calm and not to be rash. Those bouts of lashing out, don't help you... a lot of negative emotion surround them. So try and find a different way and it will get better, you will find peace.


  • Very insightful Reading.

    Thanks for the time and energy once again 🙂

    I have a couple more questions for I so need a Financial Miracle!

    Tarot Nick could you please tell me if the cards reflect whether or not I will receive the Money before July?

    Also, you mentioned That I will be looking for people's approval.. Could you tell me the reason as to Why I will be looking for these particular individuals approval? Will they determine the amount..etc

    Lastly WHO are these people?

    Professionals, relatives, etc.

    Thank You Again Tarot Nick!

  • I can't tell time, usually my readings come through within a month or two.... I did my own reading and it said I would be happy (still waiting, I hope it means a Job) but I know it will happen, just have to be patient. (not an easy thing to do) I trust that the reading are like little messages that I need to hear or for the person I do the readings for need to see.

    The social part was a feeling like when you share your story or talk about what you are going through you want them to say positive things which confirms what you are feeling. It's not a bad thing but like when you said let the truth come out, you want others to see what you went through and to know you did the right was that type of feeling... trust your heart and know you did what you needed too, find that internal peace and it won't matter.


  • I read your reading over several times. And I will take your advice!

    Once again Thank You.

    I may have another question for you soon; if you don't mind.

  • Tarot Nick ; Good Morning to you!

    I was wondering if you could do a Reading on a woman I use to work with.

    Her initials are J.D. and she is my former Boss's daughter.

    I HAVE HAD DREAMS: (really weird ones), ( and 9 Times out of 10 my dreams mean something)

    where she goes completely spastic on the employees.

    Could you give me insight on this woman and the situation that causes her to completely lose control, and go off ?

    I feel that "Sh#$T will hit the fan soon.

    Thanks In Advance. 🙂

  • Hi StandingTall,

    I only do readings for the person who directly asks, I feel if I just do anyone it is an invasion of their person. Her reading would be personal to her and we wouldn't understand all of the reading.

    Sorry about that,


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