What's with this cycle we are in now? Good Stuff!

  • I was doing my normal general astrological and tarot daily readings and remember reading somewhere that this was a good season for me as a Cancer to begin and complete different things with much success. I took it and ran with it, having recently purchased all these power tools (and never having used them - along with having no formal training in carpentry).

    Whoa... what a blast! I already successfully completed about three different projects around the house. My education is in Architecture/ID and am fascinated and disgusted with all the HGTV programs, because I always felt that this is what I should be doing (since childhood). In record time, and with unprecidented skill, just picked up the tools and some wood that was taking up space in my garage and Voila... storage units and furniture came out of me... like a natural.

    Could somebody tell me exactly what was going on astrologically.. i remember it was something going into Virgo??? What ever it was, It was great for me and I hope to continue on this avenue.

    Anyone else feeling an urge to complete things, and finding it coming easily?

  • Guess What? That great high was just a fluke... a lucky moment when I felt good about everything. My life is back to what it has always been... although too quick for me, So forget about telling me anything to explain that day. it was just an anomoly...

  • And you lived to tell about July4th..wonderful, furniture for a day! E-bay?

  • But a good moment nonetheless. I don't do high highs very well... they are always followed by low lows... lol

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