• Anyone could help me read my birthday chart. Will I get married?

    Many people said that I will not get married.

    My birth date is 1 June 1995, Thailand.

    Thank you

  • It depends on whether you want to marry for love or for money. you can certainly find a rich husband but you will not be ultimately happy. If you marry for love, you may not be rich but you can be happy.

    There are some difficulties for you to overcome, however. Issues with commitment can stem from a difficult family history, perhaps involving physical abuse or a childhood of being moved around a lot, leading to feelings of instability and lack of security/safety. Maybe you didn't feel wanted, loved, nourished or safe early enough in life through some sort of neglect or abuse. Even if you were raised in a relatively stable home, you still have this enormous yearning need to be loved and to have the security of a family. Your easy sociability can attract many friends and admirers and you tend to be gregarious, family-oriented and generally relaxed with people. But your air of confidence often hides an insecurity you would be wise to acknowledge to yourself and others in order to achieve a new level of authenticity. Since your issues lead you toward self-deception or denial, you may discover that ‘confession’ is indeed good for the soul. By confessing your sensitive or insecure qualities, you will have less to defend, less to prove, and fewer people you have to impress. This will lead to a greater sense of inner solidity. In your vulnerability, you can find new strength. You need to bring any issues with others (esp. family) into the open and express all your emotions to them, even anger and resentment, before you can express your love. However, through confusion, fear or lack of commitment, you may not allow others to get too close or yourself to stay too long in one place or with one person. Part of you wants stability and security more than anything, but another part resists that very goal by becoming a wandering gypsy. Deep down you yearn for a close, loving bond with someone and a safe secure home life that can take away all the pain of the past. When you see relationships as a process of ups and downs, entailing learning, maturation, and mutual support, you will come to appreciate them as challenging forms of spiritual training rather than ‘the same old thing’.

  • So, I might get married but it is quite difficult. Is that right?

  • It depends on what you want from marriage.

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