Love reading please

  • Wondering if my relationship will work out or not please help. Can anyone give me a reading?

  • What is your date of birth and your partner's date of birth?

  • Hi Captain, thanks for the reading. My dob is 04/04/82 and his is 06/04/81

  • Is that 4th April and 6th April or 4th April and 4th June?

  • Sorry the 4th & 6th of April! Apologies

  • Well of course with your birthdays so close, there are many similarities between you, which can be a big attraction (for a while), but it can also cause major problems. You two have different goals in life - you Marrma want to be in absolute control of every area of your life all the time, and also to be acknowledged; while your partner just wants to receive love - he has an enormous, almost insatiable need for it, also he deeply wants to be accepted by other people.

    Thus, this relationship can be tempestuous, intense, stressed and adversarial at times. When both of you want attention, admiration and appreciation at the same time, things can get sticky, even ugly. You both need to be at the centre of things, like two stars in the night sky, but this may be a simple impossibility. You would be better off not to fight it out but to come to a mutual decision just to 'shine' peacefully in your own individual areas. However, this will be difficult to achieve. A love affair here will likely be mercifully short, since power struggles and stress can tear it apart. If it was to run any longer, both of you risk would burnout in a massive supernova. Marriage would take huge amounts of care and courage and would probably only work if it combined work and domestic life. After such a torrid affair fails, the two of you are unlikely to continue as friends - there is usually little left in this kind of relationship after the passion has cooled. Rebound from such an intense relationship would be likely with less demanding and more passive types of partners.

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