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  • Hi All ~ I'm wondering if anyone has insight to when I will be moving to a new city in the same state. I want to move now but it's not possible at this time. I'm just getting impatient I think lol! If you pick up anything else about my situation that would be great. Thank you! Love & Blessings ~D

  • Hi dmick, how have you been? I saw your thread and thought: this is my dilemma lol!

    I'm considering moving away from the small town I've lived in for over 11 years, to another larger town that is located much closer to my family and one of my partner's sons.

    Like you, I'm impatient, but also realise that it may not be practical to move just yet considering finances and a few other issues. I'm tired of my job and desperately need a change in my life, and even though a major move like this frightens me, I still want to do it.

    My thoughts for you are that you are so tired with your current situation and location that its driving you insane and you don't know how much longer you can continue doing the same thing day after day.

    I'm also thinking that your own thoughts may be preventing the "possibility" of moving. What is holding you back? In saying this though, sometimes we know a major change or move is necessary, but also know that it might not be advisable right at this moment. And I'm guessing that the longer it takes, you're worried that the less enthused you might be at the idea? Again, that's my problem!

    It's hard to know what is best for now, but even though we've applied for a house in the town we want to move to, we're also accepting that if we don't get the place, then the time might not be right for us to go just yet.

    Will you be making this move on your own? I'm feeling that you might be, although would I be presumptuous in saying that there is a significant other who is going to be involved too?

    I'm also feeling that winter might be when you do finally move. Winter this year ... or at least, I'm getting six months or so. An opportunity might come up earlier but there could be delays. The weather will be cooler when you do finally uproot though and the place I see you moving to is surrounded by flowers of all colours with a small lake or river that its yard backs onto.

    I'll give you the same message I've been receiving: think it through, try to accept that what comes will come when the time IS right, and yes, this move is necessary for you and will bring you great peace and happy times after the dust has settled and you have found your feet in your new digs.

    I hope this helps! Take care 🙂



  • It IS actually possible for you to move this year - you just haven't found the way yet. If you think like that - rather than "it's not possible at this time" - you won't be locking yourself into the flawed notion of impossibility and will be open to the angels' help. They are wanting to help you, but you have put up a barrier based on earthly rules and expectations. Try saying "Oh yes, I can...I am ready for change, though it is scary...and the angels will help me move on now!"

    Just be sure you are ready to move on...

  • Hi Captain,

    I love your answer for dmick here, but my fuzzy brain is wondering: how does a person know they're ready to move on?

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  • Moon, inner feelings of unhappiness, restlessness and/or dissatisfaction that don't go away will generally let you know that it's time to move on from where you are at, be it in a relationship, a situation or a location. If any of us sit still for too long, we will stagnate and then become too afraid of change. That I believe is when we truly begin to become 'old'. In order to grow and evolve, we all must embrace change.

    Dmick, free yourself of fear and the light will have room to shine through!

  • Thanks Captain! Sometimes I worry that I am being a "princess" when I get tired of things. But that could be residual scars from my ex husband!!

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  • And dmick, let me apologise for semi-hijacking your thread! Good God, I've just done what I severely dislike other people doing!!!

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  • MWAH!! Here's hoping both our respective moves go well and help us find our happy places! xoxox

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