Captain-Hopefully but Drowning What Can I Do?

  • Since the last time we spoken so much has happened, my boyfriends dark path has really been affecting me and pushed me away to the point I just want to start life anew with my son. Despite little breakthroughs here and there, the amount of disrespect and abuse has gone too far. I know I am above that and just want a way out. I have sought out government assistance but most shelters are full but I am on the waiting list, my best friend in TX hasn't gotten back to me about moving in with her and I am a little weary about dealing with my abusive family as well I know they mean well. Im just not sure how it would go for me but it seems to be my main option. My mother is trying to talk to a shelter in Texas for me but its a trying process as I continue to stress out and be mistreated her in California ny my boyfriends mean spirited parents that I feel just use me. They have gotten into countless fights with me over things that I have little to do with and sometimes they can be quite rude. Today after surgery, they yelled and told me to take my baby things and leave in the cold and rain. I was really upset because the fight started between my boyfriend and mother and I wasnt do to well just leaving the doctor and she does that to me. After all I do for them, I deserve much mkre respect. I feel outnumbered here and feel like everyone is against me. What is everyone's problem? What can I do to leave or what is the best option you feel? Im scared to look for a job in this enviroment because it would be difficult to keep?

  • Gentle bump?

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