Tell Us What You Think Of Post Made By Members 4 Nothing But Personal Gain

  • Tell Us What You Think Of Members Posting Spam For Personal Gain.

    Members Like 159shoes and Nikede.

    Im sick of them. I believe admin ought to BAN them by IP address and all else that will prohibit them from EVER signing back in and violate the boards.

    Join in as one voice and tell admin what we think of these "posters"

  • If they are truly only interested in using posting for personal gain and are only posting to benefit themselves then by all means ban them.

  • I totally agree Bente Stoker. It really annoys me! This forum should not be invaded by members touting nike shoes, fake designer gear etc. Perhaps we should press the "Report Abuse" button as they have clearly not read the rules of this forum and aren't interested in the subjects discussed....

  • Report it. It is spam.

    It's not just off topic, as in a post, say , in an astrology forum, saying, "I am dating a Cancer and is that good for me, a Sag?" and responding with a post " Btw, is astrology ok with XYZ religion?" That is ok, as far as I can see. It could even be a dialogue, better suited for another thread. It's well-meaning.

    But these are spam ads.

  • I just reported like...3 or 4 of their posts. Hopefully that should do it.

  • I report them when i see them So far I´ve reported between 15 or 20 from the same 3 persons. It stinks

  • I believe all we can do is report each posting, so that the spammers don't clog up the postings with their self serving advertising.

  • I agree, I mean come on if these people are selling thing's for a living then they can atleast afford to spend some of there money on advertising the right way. is one of my favorite places to go, when you need a answer, or just would like some friendly insight!

  • I totally agree that it is improper and that THIS IS NOT GOOGLE.COM or any SALES FORUM. My feeling is that the original rules should be adhered to by ALL posters to this wonderful Forum!

    I hope that a filter of some sort can keep every last seller away FOREVER!

    May the Love and Light of the Positive White Light and All Lightbeings fill their spirits with the desire to NOT interfere where they do not belong.

    In Love and Light,


  • I have to agree with u. Maybe some people mean well, but they don`t know how to express themselves in the right way. As for the others, Spam sounds about right.

  • You know, I was wondering what that was all about? But as I had no interest in those things, I just chalked it up to the stupidity of an unenlightened spirit... Poor Soul, trying so hard.. probably can't give those things away...LOL

    But I hope it stops soon, it's taking away useful space!

  • I find these spam ads as annoying as they are useless. What a shame those posters won't shell out a few bucks for their own web site. Not only is it a problem in this forum, but in all the blogs I participate in. It has become common practice for me to report the ads at every chance I get.

  • Spam and sales are the way of the world these days. In light of our economy, I can understand whats goington, whether I approve or disapprove doesn't matter. The powers that be need to take action!

  • on one side I agree that spam is spam and should be handled accordingly, then on the other I'm not going to be so quick to judge ALL who post as greedy and self serving.SOME (only some) may just be trying to make ends meet with a bad work at home scheme. Still its not right and something I see all over alot of the different forums I check.Not on topic it got to go.

  • The problem is the 3 recurrent posters of sales and spam do NOT get it. They get reported, slapped on hand, and yet go and repost all over as if to sa ha ha ha gotcha!

    No only success is a ban by mean they can´t sign on at all. A permanent PERSONA NON GRATA ban. Preferrably by IP address.

    However the get an id here is WAY to easy. Frankly all you need is an email address and thats basically it. No IPADRESS BAN is the best solution.

  • Well i just sent a complaint to admin regard spammers. Its like these spammers post more juss to piss us off even more. its like a game to them. its sick sick sick

  • This is America. This is only one form of sales. I have seen others.


    I was just informed through an email that 2 of those offending posters has been blocked from So I think we need to fill out a form and send to spelling out what is going on when more of these shows. It may help and send messages to ANY who think to do the same.

    I say here and now, have we won a battle, however as we all know its an ongoing war. So members batter up LOL

  • They have been reported over and over again. I am curious if this forum is being moderated like it says it is?

  • Great Job on the topic!!

    I used to visit the furums everyday but due to the obvious spam, I visit once a month or so.

    I too have reported over and over again and although they say they will or have taken care of the problem, there are two topics ahead of this one already that are nothing but spam and OBVIOUSLY SO.

    I don't know how other sites take care of theirs but this one needs to look into it as they are loosing there real visitors which translates into advertisers not being happy.

    PS: the last time I went thru this with the admin, I suggested they send the offending parties and advertising bill.

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