• Hi there Captain. Thought I'd start a new thread so you could see this message:

    We did find a house, and apart from a few things it lacks, it's perfect. Not as high rent as other places we were looking at online, or went and looked at the outside of. This place came up after we looked at one farm cottage which was way too far out of the CBD, and lacked too many things apart from that.

    The one we're applying for is a small, old cottage that's been refurbished. It's located on a very large farm, and is one of fourteen similar cottages. It's like a small community all on its own, but our cottage is the last one and located away from the other ones. What I liked about it, is there is always someone around, albeit not in your face, and you can actually SEE your neighbours, unlike where I've lived for nearly seven years. We both walked in and went YES THIS IS IT! The things it lacks we can live with, whereas the other place we saw, we really couldn't live with its lacks.

    We have our fingers crossed that our application is approved. Then it's time to move ... groan ... six and a half years of accumulation may God help us ... lol!

  • Fingers and legs crossed! Oh, the pain...

  • INDEED lol!

  • Hey Moonswatter,

    We got approval for the house today, and will be moving in about three weeks to a month. I can't believe this is happening ... but it is! I'm excited, overwhelmed and scared. But I take my mind back to when I was fighting to have our foster boy with us when he was 13 (he's 25 now) and that I never gave a thought to what could go wrong; just focused on him being within our family. He and my daughter get on like a house on fire and you'd almost be forgiven for thinking he is my biological son. That said, I am trying to go into this with practicality as well as excitement.

    I just don't wanna pack up all that stuff ... don't wanna ... and don't wanna say goodbye to the few people here who've become dear to me. But them's the breaks, ain't they?

    Onwards and upwards!



  • Oh yeah, the experts say moving is the most stressful thing we can do in our lives. It involves leaving so much of the past behind and that can be traumatic. But just focus on the new wonderful future you are going to make. It's a whole new start for you!

  • INDEED IT IS! I just applied for a full time job at the Hospital there, so that'll keep me within the health system and accruing long service leave if I get it. Fingers crossed!

  • You go, girl! The Universe supports you.

  • It does feel like that Captain! Although I've been struck by some sort of malaise atm which is causing me to be very very exhausted 😞

  • Yeah, that's pretty normal - your body is trying to process all the change that you are going through and that can manifest as dis-ease.

  • It appears so lol! My partner is the one who's been packing boxes, etc, while I loll around too tired to do anything just yet (in between work that is). I'll get there, and at least he's not on my back; he just slowly goes around grabbing a box and packing stuff into it. He's already pulled down the gazebo out the back and stuffed his back doing it, poor dear. If this was my ex, he'd be on my case from daylight to dusk ...

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