• Besides this spam being annoying,

    I sit here and instead of wallowing in my own stuff, I try to start the day with a good thought.

    When things aren't going like you like, I ask what can I do to change it. Did you hear the crickets...they were pretty loud....

    Smile, look for something good and then see if I can do something nice for someone.

    Beats wallowing why me....

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  • I smile because I fight the bad thoughts,

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  • A baby step is at least a step forward,

  • just when you want to curl into a ball and hit the easy button that never works, have courage and try to take the step forward even if you stumble, it is a step forward;

    but this couch is comfortable.....

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  • I don't know you TarotNick but you had the courage to live another day with honor. That speaks a lot.

  • Thank you Nick, for being here, even though there's stuff you go through as well 🙂

    And thank you all of you for sticking it out through the annoying spam.

  • I am sharing because I hope that if others see what I am going through they can say I can do it too. Out of a job, things just pile up and all you want to do is curl up and sleep it away. Study for a certification and fail, all you want to do is give up and kick yourself. You hear the past voices (why do you even try your not smart enough) That's when you dig in and be stubborn. That's when you start crawling when you can't walk, every inch forward. Open a different book and start reading from page a chapter test reread the chapter again. It is not fun, but I built a solid base and all it will take is the effort....will..... to take the next step... my knees hurt...

    So I share and hope I can spread a smile, giving makes me happy so I try to share and give help where and when I can.

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  • Yeah you make us smile :). You've made me laugh too sometimes, which is awesome cos I'm in a particularly nasty patch and I'm hating on everything. I just want to leave everyone and start a new life elsewhere. And just be me - happy, laughing, loving life, dancing, bright and hopeful - and not the angry beastie mutant I've become.

    Hang in there mate. The opportunity to give to others provides healing to us. It taps into the side of us that has love, compassionate and all that good stuff, and takes us away (momentarily) from all that ails. Hope that things will get better for you soon. And leave ya with the cheesy line that we are all in this together. Take care!

  • This just shows you guys are just as warped...hahaha


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