Hi Captain

  • I hope you are well and Im glad the spammers didnt drive you away. I wanted to give you the update on the reading you did for me at the beginning of the year. So far it seems pretty accurate.

    You mentioned that I might be betrayed by someone; my best employee who claimed he would be around for a long time just quit without showing up.This was a huge blow to our business, plus it was a personal loss as we (so I thought) were pretty good friends.

    I got a good job teaching flying which should give me lots of flight time and will make my airline transition happen withing a few years as it looks right now. I will be training for a new rating for it to make more money as you stated.

    You also mentioned a health issue that might need to be addressed. I was at the dr yesterday for an issue that turned out to be nothing serious.

    Your reading has been spot on assuming those are the things referenced. Im impressed as always. Hope you are doing well and thanks again!

  • Thanks for the feedback - you sound like you are doing great!

  • Things are looking up finally. I remember you said it would take awhile to get a teaching job and it took a year.Worth the wait I must say. Do you forsee me flying for a major airline? It's always been my dream but i have faced so many roadblocks; I just hope to finally get there and have a happy family life. I am slowly working on my anxiety and it seems to be working too. So another good feekback for you:)

  • I feel a 'diversion' from your path is coming soon or that an alternative to your plans may be presented, but it will be a great opportunity and one you may not have considered before. Take it!

  • Hmmmm.....interesting. I'll be on the lookout. Any idea what field it is? If I chose flying is that a disaster? Lol Thanks!

  • I'm not getting whether it is a complete change of career choice or just a side-path off from the flying but I feel you will know it when it arrives.

  • I will let you knew when it happens. it must be good if I'm gonna veer from flying. 🙂 do you think it's related to my health? you're the best as always.

  • No, not health-related.

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