HansWolfgang--- a new man in my life, Please advise

  • Hello!

    you helped me few months ago with a previous relationship. I went through a lot of emotional problems, but I am not feeling much better.

    I met a new man his date of birth is 10/24/1977 and mine is 2/10/1981.

    We live in 2 different cities *4 hours away, I wanted to know if there was any possibility of a relationship. Timelines would help Thank you sooo much

  • almas2010


    mine is 2/10/1981: This means a solid sense of values that attracts enough money to meet your security needs and then some. When you know exactly what it is you want, you tend to attract those things to you more quickly. Thus, it usually means that you have gotten clear about what you want and then you get it. Satisfaction and prosperity are indicated here and you may have a good foundation upon which you can begin building a financial future. Managing your resources could come into focus in a greater way and this can give you the ability to handle financial matters with a clear mind.

    I wanted to know if there was any possibility of a relationship: No.

    Timelines would help: 8th of june.

    Subash Chandra was an I.C.S.

    student. In his verbal examination, the final... he has

    passed all the examinations. The last he had to meet

    the governor. He went there, just the way Bengalis

    always carry their umbrella, he was carrying his

    umbrella under his arm with his hat. He did not remove

    his hat. The governor was annoyed. He said, "You have

    not removed your hat."

    And Subash took his umbrella, put the umbrella's

    hook on the governor's neck and told him that, "If you

    expect respect, then you should show it too. You have

    not removed your hat, you have not stood up to receive


    The governor could not believe that a student can do

    that. Of course he was failed because this type of man

    is not needed in a bureaucracy which wants just slaves.

  • It's hard to tell. You have to figure it out by yourself, maybe by hanging out with him for a while. What do you think?

  • Thank you HansWolfgang

    I have really no luck in love i guess ahhaha

    Annabie, I will try to hang out with him, but he lives 4 hours away from me.. i guess only time will tell 😃

  • almas2010,

    your eyes should be open and your dreaming is over. You start seeing truth which creates aloneness and not relationship and attachment.

  • This post is deleted!

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