For Craftychel

  • I can do a reading for you. Need your real first name before I start.

  • Bugger i didnt get an email that u replied, sorry, my real name is michelle x thanks so much n ill keep a better eye out for ur reply x

  • Oh and id like a psychic reading plz

  • Ok

  • Craftychel, Ok, I'm going to type this out before I forget. I'm a tarot reader and psychic medium. As a medium I receive signs and symbols that have meaning for me. I try and relate as best I can. I keep getting a T and a cross. Crosses are symbolic for me. Usually they indicate an addiction of some sort. Because I've seen so many it feels as though, in this instance, they take on a religious meaning. Some deception involving the T name or w/something that relates to an addiction. Perhaps a death did or did not involve an addiction. I keep getting something that is like a long pole. Seems like someone (male) fell or was hung someway. Maybe you can help explain this pole. I keep getting a child. Seems like the passing of a child. If not, someone passed (older) when someone was a young child. I feel like there is a grave stone with a cross on it. I feel like I need to bring-up or say that someone passed and his soul was met by Jesus. I'm seeing a cross in an open area. At times, it felt like fish or fishing. Someone's back (vertebrae). Also, an animal that resembles the Arkansas razorbacks (of all things!) Wild boar type animal...I'll continue. Need your input.

  • The addiction maybe related to me, i take alot of pain meds and smoke cannabis? There has been no deaths involving addiction with anyone i know and dont no of a fall or hanging. Im not sure about the letter T, no one relating to the above anyway.. A small child maybe my brother, he passed when he was 6, let me know if u need anything else?

  • Craftychel, Ok, so it's the pain meds..What are the pain meds for. Does anyone climb.

  • They are for pain related to fibromyalgia and other things. No1 that i know climbs

  • Ok, this is mainly what I got. If you have any questions, let me know

  • Ok thanks anyway for trying 🙂

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