• Hi all,

    It's been a very long time between drinks, but being faced with a situation I'm not sure about, I thought I'd pop back in and post the problem:

    I'm with a new partner who I've been with for about 15 months. Briefly, we are looking at leaving the house I've lived in for six and a half years, and the town itself. I've lived in the town for 11 and a half years, and am feeling the time is nigh for a big change in my life, both job and living situation.

    He's doubtful because where we're looking at going is much higher rent, and not as easy to find a similar "farm" situation as what we have here. I know he's right, but the town we're thinking about is closer to our kids and closer to my family.

    I'm wondering if anyone is able to pick up what will happen? I feel moving is the right thing to do for me, and yet it seems as if "unseen forces" are at work preventing us from going. Maybe the timing is wrong or ... ?

    I've tried to sit with myself and quiet down so I can find an answer but can't seem to achieve anything!

    Any help would be welcome.

    I hope you all have been well since I last talked to you 🙂

    Cheers and thank you in advance!

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  • Moon50, there are higher priorities than money and you really need this change - with or without your new partner!

  • Thanks Captain. I do feel I need this change, and am trying not to be put off by the higher cost compared to living here. My back is giving me curry too, which doesn't help. He does want to move, but like I am, is worried about finances. Yet I feel that we shouldn't be put off by that. We need a farm type situation because we've now got four cats, a small dog, two aviaries and chooks lol!

    I'm praying for a miracle here! We're going over there next week to have a look around which'll be much better than trying to find something online, plus I've got two weeks off to rest my back, go there and look around, and hopefully lower my stress levels which are a wee bit high lately 🙂

    I hope you've been well since we last talked!

    Cheers xoxoxo

  • Thanks for bumping my post up TarotNick. This spam is pretty chronic from what I've just seen!!

  • Hi Moon50,

    Here is a pick up on your feeling to help you see from a different perspective

    You are putting your trust in the wrong direction, feels like a frown

    You don't see eye to eye with a friend, leads to mistrust

    The guy can be real nice but then turn and cause hurt on purpose, both sides are his personality

    You are not focusing, start something and move to the next thing

    Someone is yessing you and you are not looking at it because it's what you want to hear, look at it closer

    You will have some bumps in the road, move with thought

    You are impatient you want things to happen now, you have to put more work in

    You have a choice infront of you, it will not just fall in your lap, need to think it through

    Someone is trying to help with good advise, need time

    Things will get real hard emotions will fall, sadness

    A guy always looking for a fight

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks TarotNick, but in truth, not much of this makes sense to me! It all sounds bad, bad, bad lol! I can't figure out who the "friend" is that I don't see eye to eye with, or who is "yessing" me as such.

    I've already had many bumps in the road, as we all have. I alsodon't know who is "trying to help with good advice".

    I have already had a great deal of "hard emotions" and sadness.

    My current partner is not always looking for a fight, so I can't figure that out either.

    Even still, thank you for taking the time to read for me, but ... I'm confused as to what most of it means and how it actually applies to me or my current situation.



  • Wasn't a fun reading, but some of the information has not happened just yet.

    The first five lines are now though and the impression was don't just trust something to happen.

    Just check on it from time to time and keep the information in the back of your head, It usually takes about a month for the information to cycle, but it was a message that you needed to see, it should make sense in time.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Moon, I feel you are focusing on the 'farm situation' thing a bit much and so excluding other solutions - try to believe that the right place will come to you in whatever form it needs to be.

  • I think you could be right there Captain. We have been looking at suburban options too. Our main worry is being able to take our menagerie of pets lol! We love em all and don't want to have to rehome them if we can avoid it, so that's why we'd both been focusing on rural options as a preference. I guess fate will dictate, won't it? GAWD I NEVER THOUGHT I'D LEAVE HERE ... but it seems to be the right thing to do for me 🙂

  • TarotNick, I'll keep your reading in mind although it strikes fear into me lol! I guess I'm looking at pulling up roots that have been half buried here and feeling a wee bit insecure and scatty. But ... what's new with me lol!? I don't think I've ever really felt happy here when I think about it ...

  • It's difficult to move on from any longtime situation, even an unhappy one. Tell yourself that things can only get better. Once the dust and stress of the move has settled, you will enter your golden period. Your angels are telling me they have been trying to prod you towards an ideal property but you have been resisting, because it is not yet on your tightly focused 'radar'. Relax and let them show you the way!

  • Thank you Captain. I know I've been resisting for a very long time, and am nervous about relocating again, but feel its vital to my own growth and happiness, not to mention my partner. I always thought I'd stay here in this town, but ... things have shown that it's not meant to be.

    So, onwards and upwards! I'll go forth with my fears and conquer them and come out victorious. that I do feel.

    Cheers and thank you again!

  • April should bring an easing of conditions - for everyone. March was a tough month with very heavy vibes. April will be lighter.

  • I sure felt that! March has been a very difficult month. We'll all be looking forward to feeling lighter methinks 🙂

  • Well Captain, we did find a house, and apart from a few things it lacks, it's perfect. Not as high rent as other places we were looking at online, or went and looked at the outside of. This place came up after we looked at one farm cottage which was way too far out of the CBD, and lacked too many things apart from that.

    The one we're applying for is a small, old cottage that's been refurbished. It's located on a very large farm, and is one of fourteen similar cottages. It's like a small community all on its own, but our cottage is the last one and located away from the other ones. What I liked about it, is there is always someone around, and you can actually SEE your neighbours, unlike where I've lived for nearly seven years. We both walked in and went YES THIS IS IT! The things it lacks we can live with, whereas the other place we saw, we really couldn't live with its lacks.

    We have our fingers crossed that our application is approved. Then it's time to move ... groan ... six and a half years of accumulation may God help us ... lol!

  • Moving is always a good time - maybe the only time - we all sort through and toss out the things we don't need and haven't needed for some time. The old 'us' has to go!

  • I always find that weird: that the only time we throw things out in a major way is when we move house. Guess I'll have to give the fridge and kitchen cupboards more than their once yearly clean out too ... sigh ... not to mention wardrobes ... grrrrooooooaaaaannnn ...

  • I feel for you! But you will feel so much lighter once it is done.

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