How to deal with a Virgo man? I need some advice!

  • I posted today in a different topic by mistake! I apologise for this!I have been going out for 2 months with a virgo man. I am a virgo myself with Taurus ( he is a Virgo with Pisces). This is the most intense relationship I have ever had! It's my first time with a virgo and I don't know how to handle things! He has repeated stated how much he admires me! I can see that every second we are together, yet he isn't expressing feelings at all verbally! But he is complaining that I am very cautious and do not let myself get carried away.., which is partly true because of the mixed signals he sends me! I have fallen for him, bug he can't see it. I have stopped talking about my ex ( he hasn't) , I am at his service in every way yet in the morning and while we both work he never calls or texts, he will do so in the evening to either meet or say goodnight! Still, **** is amazing even after some conversations that make me have cold feet..,it is as if he can sense that what he said depressed or had me thinking and he is trying to make things right in bed. What made me thinking yesterday was tge following " You have been the most sincere helpful caring woman so far, and I feel so obliged! I don't know what to do to pay it back to you! I don't know why you have done the things you have done for me!" Half an hour earlier he told me that I never let any emotion carry me away always thinking carefully whereas he does so! I am so confused!! Where do I stand with this Virgo man? What should I do? I don't want to lose him!

  • Can you post both the exact birth dates?

  • Of course! I was born on the 4th of September 1977 and he is 11 years younger on the 10th September 1988 at 20:00!I was shocked when he said that he feels obliged to me! I don't want anyone to feel obliged! So, yesterday morning I wrote to him because he was sleeping telling him what I feel. He called me the moment he woke up today, and was warm and flirty the entire day calling me back! So 5 minutes ago he called me to say goodnight and told me that he feels I din't have the courage to confront him so I tend to write the things he wants to head me say!!

  • I was born at 22:05!

  • Your companion has trouble following his heart. He can take responsibility seriously but a part of him also longs to be free; the challenge he faces throughout his life is balancing these two drives. Until he is in his forties, he will tend to lean on other people and must learn to be more individual and self-reliant. He also needs to learn to be less serious and to let his hair down more often.

    Unfortunately, this relationship is worst for love. It can be misleading, misunderstood, and generally mixed-up. The two of you will find it extremely hard to share on a personal level. This can make your life together extraordinarily difficult. You both tend to react poorly when a lot of demands are made on you, but you can be quite demanding with each other. You can have a great time together, particularly since you both like to laugh, but even here you must curb your tendency to make fun of each other, which can send your self-esteem into a nose dive. Paradoxical and hard to figure though you both can be, you are complex individuals - yet not half as difficult to fathom as your relationship with each other is.

    The textbook analysis of your relationship could be encyclopedic in length and depth. This is actually a very rare combination for love - the two of you might be found in the same field, the same company, the same family, but you will seldom remain together under the same roof. It isn't so much that you two are incapable of doing so as that, if given the choice, you prefer not to do so. In some ways, you are well suited to each other, since you both maintain rigorous standards that few but yourselves will ever be able to live up to. You are also likely to share a high level of intellectual interaction and an interest in anything requiring a lot of expertise. But as a couple, you have a way of being misunderstood that defies analysis. There is something so enigmatic in your relationship that even in the simplest, most common daily tasks, a kind of mystery clouds your motives, your actions and your goals. One reason misunderstanding abounds here, perhaps, is that you both specialize in sending mixed signals. Your love affair can be as confusing to you yourselves as it is to other people, since you are unable to view each other or your relationship objectively. It would be the same if you were just friends. The two of you do best when focusing on anything standing concretely outside your relationship. When you focus on the relationship itself, there will just be misunderstanding and confusion. The two of you are the same, yet it is likely you will never really understand each other, maybe because you don't understand yourselves well enough. You mustn't take this relationship too seriously, therefore. Try to simply enjoy it rather than analyze it. A bit less mystery would help, but it's likely you will both give up trying to work things out.

    You Nanoukagr tend to take your relationships seriously - a little too seriously at times - and are very committed. Your ideal partner will be someone intelligent and creative like yourself, who can help you loosen up and who is willing to appreciate, without taking for it granted, your willingness to commit.

  • Indeed he isn't self reliant and I have tried to tell him that he needs to do so! I myself am very independent at all levels and this is something I cherish! I am very comitted like you said and have always been taken for granted. I am a loyal servant of love in all my relationships. It seems that there is noone that can value this without hurting me!That is why I decided not to show this in this relationship! I will do as you said...I will enjoy it as long as it lasts! Thank you!

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