The good thing about being stubborn

  • Is I am still here, anyone need a reading on there feelings?

  • Hey Nick,

    Just saying hello 🙂

  • did you find the last reading I did for you, just checking. I could always bump it up for you.

  • Hi TarotNick,

    Was wondering if you would give me a reading regarding my personal feelings (bitter) towards a close family member. I love this person, however, because of things that have happened thru the years I've developed bitter feelings. I know that I need to get over the feelings. Perhaps need to get some different insight, perspective. Thanks. Whatever you pick-up, even it if doesn't relate to this.

  • Hi Nick,

    Yes I did see it previously and replied you as well. - OMG I am going through all of what you said right now.

    I'm a bit like a raging bull these days - emotions are on a high. Feeling not like me. I like being happy, and I'm anything but, right now. Trying to follow your advice to think with my head too - whenever possible, and just breathe...

    Will ride this through and hopefully I have something better to report back to you in a month - if you are still here.

    Take care, Nick 🙂

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Just wanted to say hey as well.

    Although I don't know the full story, I think I relate to some of your struggles.

    With me, it is coming to terms that breaking ties with family seems to be the path to well-being.

    Detaching with love (for myself and for others to find their own way). Don't know how to do it yet.

    Not saying this is your situation...but hang in there, and I hope you will find the way forward. Me too..

    Take care!

  • Danceur, Yes, I'm leaning towards that--cutting path. I've been on my own since my early twenties. My family is quite spread-out. I had a family member that had to stay w/me couple yrs ago which I was glad to accommodate. In the process, It felt like they were only there because they needed to be. I'm not talking about my son. This person has stayed w/me when I've been sick before but always felt as though they felt imposed upon. They actually said something along those lines. These are the feelings that I'm struggling with now (among others.) I don't feel that togetherness. I feel everything has a time frame until it implodes. Usually with me feeling like...this isn't family. I still get that phone call everyday but it's turned into an annoyance. It's usually a long list of their problems. I'm searching for a way to deal with my feelings. I'm finding that if I focus my day on myself and what I enjoy, that helps. I've gotten to where I don't answer my phone. A lot of the time it's work calling with some crisis. They haven't managed to deal w/their issues either.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Find it hard seeing you as annoyed, as you are always so zen 🙂

    We move on from people everyday. Just think that it's tricky for most people to do the same, when it comes to family. But then, the detriment in maintaining status quo in toxic/dead-end familial relationships is far greater, I feel. We do a great disservice to ourselves by holding on way past due, and then guilt tripping ourselves.

    With me, I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that it does not make me a bad or dishonorable person for putting my well-being first - loving myself enough to want to let go of the other(s). Do you relate to feeling this discord/disparity?

    Even though I was raised with certain values, if I take sentiment out of it, this is a situation that is hurting me, family or not. I feel anger that I don't want to have. And I also do the avoidance bit. It has reached the point where having no contact is the only way I can go forward - although I haven't quite figured out how to do that. Like you, the frustration w family also manifests as issues at work.

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